The StudioPTBO Podcast S2 Ep9 with Cody Getchell, Owner & Founder at The G$D Agency Accelerator

This week we have Cody Getchell on the podcast!

Owner & Founder at The G$D Agency Accelerator, a group dedicated to share strategies and techniques to help marketing agency owners get more leads and sales faster. 

This episode get ready to learn all things real estate, marketing, agency life & building your business.

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7 Facebook Ad Tips

If you didn’t know – we specialize in lead generation for businesses. We are dedicated to business growth… So much so… That we have partnered with the top 1% of Facebook marketers and have invested thousands of dollars to be connected with brightest in the industry. We do this to invest in our team… We…

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I Am “Just Looking”

This sound familiar? “I’m just looking or I was just looking”“Sorry I was just browsing” When I was working in retail I heard this all the time. Someone would come into our store clearly wanting to buy something but the natural reaction or the common response i heard was, “I’m just looking” And even if…

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