The StudioPTBO Podcast S2 Ep8 with Chase McAllister, Founder, Director & CEO of

The episode this week is all about insurance, leads, appointment setting & marketing with Chase McAllister!

Founder, Director & CEO of  — An all-in-one growth marketing agency helping entrepreneurs conquer their digital presence.

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Limiting Beliefs Hold Us All Back… Here’s How To Tackle Them.

I was chatting with a few people today about limiting beliefs.  I had someone in our circle feeling like giving up today. They were just having a hard time grasping some concepts and believing that it was possible for them to figure it out. Sometimes it is hard to believe in your ability to figure…

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7 Interesting NAR Facts For Real Estate Agents

Here’s 7 interesting stats and knowledge for my real estate friends from NAR. 1. 44% of people turn to the internet before contacting an agent (psssttt you should be publishing more educational content, yesterday) 2. 70% of homebuyers interviewed only 1 agent. 3. 47% of buyers and 44% of sellers, ranked responsiveness ahead of professionalism…

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