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StudioPTBO is a full service marketing and coaching business that helps full time and experienced real estate agents / teams attract more leads, book appointments and convert those leads to clients.
We do this through The StudioPTBO Model.

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We work with full time and experienced real estate agents to tell their story on social media, to enable them to become “comfort food” for prospective customers. We do this by creating compelling content — to be deployed on social media marketing platforms. Marketing on social media is an incredibly powerful tool for your business—a game changer—as all attention is now on mobile in the “The Social Age”.


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StudioPTBO is truly a one stop destination for all your marketing needs.

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At StudioPTBO, we have a great team of creative, hard working people who put clients first. We have a passion for what we do, and love being content creators. Our team has diverse backgrounds, interests and inspirations, and this allows us to approach marketing content and design delivery from many different perspectives.

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The #1 Productivity Hack by Vikram Deol

I was thinking about all the lessons over time and I figured out the #1 productivity hack that isn’t sexy so no one talks about it… Want to know what it is? It is Consistency!  YUP! I know. Boring, lame, tested and proven. Scientifically backed. YUP! Consistency… But wait, why is it that you and…

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