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StudioPTBO is a full service marketing agency that helps to build and grow businesses.
We do this through The StudioPTBO Model.

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We work with businesses and organizations to tell their story on social media, to enable them to become “comfort food” for prospective customers. We do this by creating compelling content — to be deployed on social media marketing platforms. Marketing on social media is an incredibly powerful tool for your business—a game changer—as all attention is now on mobile in the “The Social Age”.


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StudioPTBO is truly a one stop destination for all your marketing needs.

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At StudioPTBO, we have a great team of creative, hard working people who put clients first. We have a passion for what we do, and love being content creators. Our team has diverse backgrounds, interests and inspirations, and this allows us to approach marketing content and design delivery from many different perspectives.

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How To Make Better Decisions

Here’s a little exercise that Cody learned from a good friend on how to make better decisions that align with your values! Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes for you to clear your head and gain clarity for your decisions! PS: When you’re ready… here are 4 ways we can…

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Pay Per Booked Appointment

StudioPTBO has just launched it’s newest service! Pay Per Booked Appointment. This is an absolute no-brainer and takes all the risk of moving forward away. Imagine getting buyer and seller appointments booked right into your calendar – and only paying for the appointments that we book! Interested? Email us at to hear all the details! Transcript:What…

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3 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Grow Faster

These are the 3 reasons to why we struggle grow our businesses faster. Last year pre lockdown I went to a Brendon Burchard conference that helped me to begin to experience a  breakthrough both personally and professionally. Brendon at that conference explained this concept of automating, delegating and removing all non-needle moving activities.It was the…

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