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StudioPTBO is a full service marketing and coaching business that helps real estate agents & entrepreneurs attract more leads, book appointments and convert those leads to clients.
We do this through The StudioPTBO Model.

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Social Media Marketing

We work with real estate agents, businesses and organizations to tell their story on social media, to enable them to become “comfort food” for prospective customers. We do this by creating compelling content — to be deployed on social media marketing platforms. Marketing on social media is an incredibly powerful tool for your business—a game changer—as all attention is now on mobile in the “The Social Age”.


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StudioPTBO is truly a one stop destination for all your marketing needs.

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At StudioPTBO, we have a great team of creative, hard working people who put clients first. We have a passion for what we do, and love being content creators. Our team has diverse backgrounds, interests and inspirations, and this allows us to approach marketing content and design delivery from many different perspectives.

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How To Think & Grow Rich

Think & Grow Rich is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Here are some of my thoughts around making your dreams a reality. PS: When you’re ready… here are 4 ways we can help you grow your business:1. Join the StudioPTBO Marketing Hacks Group on Facebook and connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are running…

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You Make Your Own Luck In Life

Ransacked. Our agency headquarters, both floors. Every piece of our prized video equipment stolen, about $10,000 worth. Doesn’t sound like much, but for a startup like us, crushing. You want to cry, but you just have to fight. The police came, looked at our surveillance footage (nothing but hoodie), dusted for fingerprints, and managed expectations….

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7 Interesting NAR Facts For Real Estate Agents

Here’s 7 interesting stats and knowledge for my real estate friends from NAR. 1. 44% of people turn to the internet before contacting an agent (psssttt you should be publishing more educational content, yesterday) 2. 70% of homebuyers interviewed only 1 agent. 3. 47% of buyers and 44% of sellers, ranked responsiveness ahead of professionalism…

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