StudioPTBO is a unique working team

What could be better than a friendly group of people who have a passion for what they do and are good at it, too? We have put together an extraordinary team of creative, hard working people who put clients first.

Check out some of the great personalities we spend our days with and collaborate with to bring you the very best in lead generation & social media marketing, video, brand development / graphic design and website design.

StudioPTBO is a full-service digital agency founded in 2015 by Neil Morton and Nora Mickee. Cody May joined the partnership in April of 2018 and would later become the CEO in 2020. We are an incubator of great ideas for storytelling and design in the social age. Our passion is working with clients to create engaging content, video, design and online ads that drives awareness around their business objectives and leaves a lasting, meaningful impression with consumers. Think of us as your one-stop agency. There is nothing we can’t do for you.

img for Cody May

Cody May

Chief Executive Officer

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img for Jairus Leeson

Jairus Leeson

Operations Director

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img for Shannon Schutt

Shannon Schutt

Executive Assistant

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img for Camila Rebour

Camila Rebour

Accounts Director

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img for Aldo Feoli

Aldo Feoli

Business Developer

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img for Gabriela Durán

Gabriela Durán

Marketing Lead

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img for Alejandra Diaz

Alejandra Diaz

Call Centre & Account Manager

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img for Emma Deugo

Emma Deugo

Content Creator / Graphic Designer

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img for Jessie Stinson

Jessie Stinson

Content Creator / Graphic Designer

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img for Christine Roberts

Christine Roberts

Web Developer

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