How Putting Pen To Paper Can Impact Your Results

While I have a digital calendar and block out time there, I also spend a few hours envisioning my week every Sunday.

In high school in order to memorize things I had to write them out. It’s what I do with my scripts, my week and my vision for the future.

There’s something different about putting pen to paper… it almost makes it feel more real. It makes it feel like necessity and these are things that are for sure going to happen.

It’s why I try and spend time writing out daily my goals for 2022. Last year I wrote things out and it all came to fruition.

Some might consider this woo woo… to write things out and then they’ll happen.

But I believe it’s the first step you can take towards really actioning and manifesting your dreams.See I live by the rule that everything’s unrealistic until it’s not.

Each year I aim to pen a larger number and bigger dream to paper.

And while sometimes it feels crazy thinking about it… when you get there you realize that your only limitation is often your own beliefs about yourself.

See a few days ago I wrote about necessity.And the other day I asked one of my good friends how he broke through and was able to create multiple multi-million dollar businesses.

And what happened?

He sent me a video about raising your minimum standards.

It spoke to me so truly that you have what you want simply by making it necessity and raising your minimum standard.

This is why I take time every Sunday to ensure that I’m actioning my belief toward raising my minimum standard.I’ve only been at this business building thing for 3 years and I’m still learning a lot daily.

One of the most valuable lessons I’m learning about myself is my minimum standard and beliefs are being raised through 3 key actions.

1. Getting around more likeminded people that force me to raise my minimum standard.

2. Writing out and envisioning what the future is going to look like. Then making it a necessity to bring it into reality.

3. Constantly checking in with myself and believing that anything’s possible. I really believe that our beliefs map our thoughts which map our actions.

-Cody at StudioPTBO

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