The Impact of Community in Business

The single fastest way I have seen other entrepreneurs grow is by getting around other entrepreneurs that are ahead of them.

There are an immense amount of value in getting into paid masterminds.

Above are some of my thoughts.

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Whoa, boy, oh boy, oh boy, hope everyone is having as good of a day as I am having. This is your first time tuning into copy, go do you want to say thank you more than anything. Really football heart. Appreciate it. For tuning it means the world to me. Today I want to chat about masterminds, I posted something on Facebook today. And before we get into into that, I just want to explain how excited I am to live on LinkedIn, I finally got the opportunity to live stream to LinkedIn. So super excited about that. And this is your first time tuning in on LinkedIn, I want to say thank you more than anything. And all these episodes that we do on a daily basis are available on iTunes or Spotify. If you’re listening back on there, you know, we had quite a few downloads there. So highly recommend downloading the podcast there, I tried to do try to hop on at least two, three to four a week. And today I want to chat about the value of paid masterminds, or tell you about my story, a little bit about what I’ve done over the last couple of years. And the interviews that I’ve done with entrepreneurs that are really growing and scaling in the online space. And it seems like every single time I come into contact with an entrepreneur that is growing fast, or that has already been where I want to go, a common trait that I’ve seen across multiple entrepreneurs is they have paid to get into different communities they have paid to get around like minded individuals that have essentially catapulted them into growth. And I don’t know where you are in your business, maybe maybe you’re feeling a little bit stuck, maybe you’re feeling a little bit.

Maybe you’re where I was, you know, a year and a half ago, two years ago, where I just felt stuck. I felt like you know, there has to be people out there that are going through the same things I’m going through. And it wasn’t until I invested in my first mastermind with Kat Howell that I get connected with agency owners, and into a community of like minded people that were going through the same struggles that I was going through. And what I’ve come to realize through being a part of communities and being part of masterminds and being getting around entrepreneurs is number one, you realize that no matter where you’re at, in business people have different are going through your very similar struggles. So somewhat a it’s almost like a support group B, you’re learning for people that have already been where you want to go. So to accelerate your growth and see you get ideas in these masterminds that you would have never gotten elsewhere. So when I joined Cat House Academy a couple of years ago, it gave me the confidence that I needed as an agency owner in order to grow. And so I think that’s one element behind these masterminds and getting around people is like, I asked Cameron Harrell this So Cameron Herold, former CEO, 100 got junk, you know, become a good friend over the last couple years. We did a podcast together last year and asked him a question around the idea and the concept that what I asked them a question about imposter syndrome, because I think this is something that a lot of real estate agents when they’re first starting out, or entrepreneurs, marketing agency owners, a lot of us feel imposter syndrome because we’re just starting out or maybe even gotten some people some great results. And we have the best intention. But we have this imposter syndrome. I said that I asked him the question that I asked him this question about imposter syndrome, how do you face it other than getting around paid communities and people that are kind of where you want to be? And he said he doesn’t, he said to me, he doesn’t think that there’s an and he says that is the way that he thinks that is the way to do it. And I came to a realization that these paid communities and these pay, masterminds have been the single most effective way in order for me to continue to grow and scale our own business. And I would highly encourage you wherever you’re at in your business. If you’re not a part of a real estate, agent, mastermind or community I highly recommend you get around other real estate agents and learn as much as you can or entrepreneur digital marketing, see whatever you do.

We invested earlier this year with tacky more and our business has seen significant growth and significant amount of ideas and concepts and belief systems have come out of being around people that are like minded that you realize are just going through very similar things that you’re probably going through in your business. And what I’ve come to realize is that being around these people gives you more a more confidence because you believe in your ability to figure things out and be wary of happening as you get around these people. They end up giving you ideas
and they can look at things in a different light because they either a been where they where you are or they can just look at your business in a different direction. Because I think oftentimes what’s happening is we get so intertwined in what we’re doing a business, that we that we don’t take enough time to look at it from a high level overview on like what’s actually possible. And the bottlenecks that might be attached to the business, if you hear there’s something going on in the background, if you hear like, I don’t know what’s going on, but something going on the background. But the thing, the single most important thing I would highly implore you to do is if you’re feeling stuck inside your business, if you’re feeling stuck inside of your real estate business, I would highly encourage you to find a paid mastermind get around other agency owners paid for their time, get around other real estate agents that are doing the what your nurse Northstar would be the single most effective thing that you could do, in my opinion, as a brand new real estate agent is try to get around as many seven figure real estate agents as you possibly can. And that’s really what what we did over the last year. It’s like, how can I get around as many seven and eight figure entrepreneurs as I possibly can? So what are we doing tacky wars boardroom is because I want to learn from the collective I want to learn from the people that have already already been where I want to go like and so I don’t have to make the same mistakes that they made along the way. And that would be the encouragement I would give you is like, wherever you’re at in your business. It’s like there are absolutely shortcuts like like, everyone says, oh, there’s no shortcuts and literally shortcuts of like, they’re actually shortcuts. It’s called paying for the information from the people that have already been where you want to go. And that absolutely is shortcut. And that will be the encouragement we give you is like that concept of like there are no shortcuts there are 100% Shortcuts is it absolutely is it paid masterminds and it creates, and I really believe it creates confidence, because you no matter what your business is going to be flawed, like no matter what your business is going to be broken.

But it helps you flip intention. It helps it’s so hard to explain, like, if you’re a part of a mastermind, you would absolutely know if you’re not sure what a mastermind is, feel free to shoot me a DM like I would love the opportunity to chat with you. I’ve connected with tons of coaches across you know the world. And I connected one of our interior designer clients with a few coaches and communities. But how do you recommend getting in a coaching community connecting with like a coach that has a community of people that are where you want to go, because I just really firmly believe that is the fastest way to grow. I’ve seen it happen time and time again, we get around people, they connect us with people who then connect us with more people that you know, answer questions that are just like if you get to the right community, you find people that are just super hospitable and giving and it makes you want to give back more.

You know, I had the opportunity last week in order to chat a little bit about what we’re doing in, in our world in order to get you know, in order to kind of change the direction of where we’re headed as an agency. And it was a it was an absolute pleasure to be able to give back because the community that I’m a part of attacchi has given back so much to me. And whatever I can do to give back to you, you know, sign in my DM I would love the opportunity to connect you with somebody because I really believe that this can This is the single most important thing that I have learned over the last year that it’s like you need to be more around people that are inspired, excited, grateful like minded. If you want to grow your business, it’s just it just is I’ve come to realize that I believe that wholeheartedly. And I would love to connect you with somebody if you’re like sitting there struggling. And if you’re listening back on iTunes or Spotify and you’re sitting there and you’re struggling, you’re like I just don’t know how to go to that next level. Shoot me an email at Cody at

And I’ll connect you with somebody because it was the connections that Bob Gauvreau my accountant made made for me with this community that changed my life. And if I could do that for you, you know, you know that that would mean that like I would love that because that one connection changed my life. So I I really thank you more than anything for listening another episode of Coffee with Cody, if you’ve any questions about masterminds around paid, paid communities, shoot me shoot me a DM I love to connect with somebody. Because I know that this definitely works and instills a crazy amount of confidence that could help get take you to the next level. So thanks for tuning in. If you’re listening back on LinkedIn, awesome, thank you. I really liked it. So chat with y’all soon. Thanks for tuning in. And we’ll see you on the other side.

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