Building Your Personal Brand

Have you thought about what YOUR personal brand is? Do you need some guidance to figure out what exactly you are offering? This episode is just for you! Cody dives into what it means to have a personal brand and what it can do for you!

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What is happening hope everyone is doing well we have a Starbucks grande blonde latte is one shot to go automate delegate with move today I want to chat about mindset. Today one shot about becoming a lifelong learner. Today we are talking about sales processes. So we’re going to title these live sessions Hello, good day, hope you’re doing well. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Coffee with Cody. These episodes are live, and they’re available on iTunes and Spotify as well. If you want those in the back, you’re not able to listen to them. Today, I want to chat about the importance of building a personal brand on chat a little bit about ads. And I want to chat a little bit about the direction and why I think it’s so important that wherever you’re at in your business, especially especially if you’re a real estate agent, you need to be building your personal brand. And we talk a lot about this. We have a training that we call the 60 day social sprint, and we talked a lot about, you know, building your personal brand, using your personal Facebook profile and using your Instagram. But I think that it’s one thing that is so overlooked is the power of video is the power of content creation is the power of really building a brand that people get to know you like you and trust you. Now if you’re a real estate agent, I would highly implore you to really consider building a personal brand. Me and Neil Morton wrote a book called What if he could, and we talked a little bit about branding and his book, Neil Borden was my business partner, we wrote a book together. And he’s a very big personal brand guy. But what I’ve really realised over the last couple years is especially where the ad platforms are headed. When it comes to personal brand, if you look at tick tock is the ad platform, they are very much so focused on personal brands. And when you see when you see the ads that are actually pop up in the feed and the ads that are working, it’s actually a front facing person, that is actually the brand of the actual business. So I would highly implore you to think about as you’re, you know, if you’re a real estate agent, from a personal brand perspective, how do you start to think about how can I tell my story in an authentic way, and I’ve chatted a lot about this over the last couple of years, for some people might be a written word for some people might be video, some people might be, you know, photo and text. But I highly implore you to try to find a way to become better on video and actually create content. And you know, whether it be through interview form, and we’re making this a really big focus in our business. And I really believe that it’s been a really big catalyst for the growth of our agency, whether it be people come and they enter our agency through Neil at one point, or they enter the agency through, you know, the the content that I put out. But when you when you’re thinking about building a brand, you’re thinking about building a personal brand, there are a few things that I want you to consider. The first the easiest way, in my opinion, is to start a podcast and do video. And then what we’re doing right now is we’re taking the podcast, we’re taking these copies of Cody, and we’re uploading them to a programme that we call That essentially transcribes everything that I essentially I say in this podcast. And then what we’re doing is we’re taking that podcast, and we’re cutting into the short, little bite sized content that we can put on Instagram, we can put on Google, we’re also uploading it as a blog that sits on our website. And it’s going to YouTube. And everything that I’m doing right now is actually going on my personal Facebook profile. It’s going to YouTube, and it’s going to LinkedIn. And you can leverage this long form content. And this personal brand content on multiple platforms. And especially what I highly implore you like is take this content, you can use it as an email, you can use it as a, you can use it as a blog. And then what ends up happening is like you can take this content that you’re talking about from a marketing perspective, or you talk about your area of expertise. You can take that, transcribe the content, and then write a blog on your website and just post it post to YouTube. And we’re doing a lot of these things. And like that, that’s why I would highly encourage you to really consider if you run a business to figure out how can I actually bring this brand to life? And how can I potentially even leverage my personal brand like if you look at the top people in the world right now they have personal brands like Elon Musk has a personal brand. And the thing that I would encourage you to do is to figure out a way how can I tell my story in an authentic way and I know i We talked about that already, but I would implore you to think about how do I communicate best the platform and then how can I produce content because people they might not watch your content right away? They and they might, you might have stronger audiences on different platforms like we have a fairly strong email list, and a lot of people. So we take this content that we get out there, we share it with our email list. And we have a pretty engaged community and email. And then in podcast as well in podcast form. So what I would encourage you is like, figure out the way that you communicate the best. But the best thing that I would say, from a personal brand perspective, is if you can figure out a way to start with video video and in podcast form, you can take that you can do so much with it. And that’s why that’s why that’s why like, building a brand, starting there, and then like, extracting the content you actually talked about on video, and it can literally go every everywhere. But you look at like these top real estate agents like the Ryan Serrano of the world, you know, shout out to my friend Andrew Perry, like they’re all building, you know, I’m going to lump them together because they’re doing really cool things. The broke agent, you look at a lot of these things that they’re doing space, like they’re finding the way to do creative things. And even the the real estate agents are tick tock, they’re actors that are really killing it. They’ve built this personal brand around themselves, and they’re selling themselves or taking them in your world or telling them you know, who they are, what they do, why they do it. And I would highly implore you to stick to that. And if you if you want to figure out a way it’s like, well, how do I get started creating a personal brand, we have a tool we call the Sixth Day social spread that actually helps you those steps and get started. So if you want access to that either comment the word social, social below or send me an email to Kodiak studio PTO calm, and I’ll get access to the social sprint and just comment the word social. So hope you got a lot of value today. Give any questions around building a personal brand around creating content for your business. We love the opportunity to chat with you. And yeah, have a great day and you have some value today. So chat with you soon. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Coffee with Cody

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