How Our Real Estate Client Landed A $2 Million Dollar Contract

My Operations Director Jairus Leeson and I had a chat today with a long time real estate client (who also works with a real estate coach to master his script, language, time management and communication skills) tell me that they picked up a $2 million dollar client and got them under contract last week.

I asked him how and why he thinks he outperforms everyone else… he also gave me some great feedback to make our program even better.And here was his answer and a few lessons we learned today:

1. He actually answers his phone when we send him live transfers and he has meaningful conversations with everyone.

2. He doesn’t care whether they are looking to buy or sell in 2 weeks, 3 months or 1 year plus. He treats them all with the same amount of care and respect.

3. Every appointment that we set he immediately emails them a canned intro email explaining who he is, his unique selling proposition and why they should choose him (he has a welcome kit that we teach in our lead to client roadmap)

4. He also sends them a text and email with a recent google review from a happy client.

5. He sets them up on a search list and as soon as they click on the first few properties he immediately dials them when he gets a notification. He asks them how they are doing and if they want to go see the home they are looking at.

6. He directs the conversation and ensures that he asks them if they want to see it today or tomorrow and gives them specific times. He doesn’t allow them to lead the conversation, but rather pick the best time that works for them from options.

7. He ensures that he has his presentations ready and print outs of other local homes in the area that fit their needs for that in person meeting, as well as a documents to get the client under contract.

8. He gave us feedback that as soon as a lead answers a text that we should immediately dial them and patch them right to talk to him because he has expertise in the area. This feedback was so needed because it showed me a small tweak can make a big difference. Our agents were texting back and forth and things were eventually going stale and it was taking too long to book some appointments.All in all – if you’re a real estate agent.

This is a blueprint from an agent that recently got a $2 million dollar deal under contract and is consistently converting leads to clients by picking up the phone and having meaningful conversations.

It works.

P.S. whenever you’re ready – we are currently running a pay per appointment / live transfer case study and are looking for 5 motivated real estate agents that want to grow. If that’s you, book a call with us here:

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