Looking For 5 Real Estate Agents That Want 30-60+ Appointments In 90 Days Or Less…

We are running a case study in October and we are looking for 7 more real estate agents / that want 30 – 60+ appointments (guaranteed) in 90 days or less & to learn how to become an authority online in their local market.


Book a call here and let’s see if you qualify: https://studioptbo.com/book-now/

– Cody at StudioPTBO

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Our Website: https://studioptbo.com/

How Our Model Works: https://studioptbo.com/sendtheleads/

Recent Masterclass We Hosted: https://re.studioptbo.com/masterclass-replay/

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I guarantee these tips will 10x your lead flow over the next 90 days

I speak with a lot of real estate agents, business owners and coaches that are unsure of where to start with creating content (video/audio/written)… This is insanely important in todays digital climate – especially with the changes we have seen in the last year. Picking up leads organically and using paid media on FB &…

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How to Build a Real Estate Team To 800+ Transactions Per Year

Join us in this episode as Kenny Truong, a top-tier real estate agent, unveils his winning strategies for team growth and agent attraction. In this dynamic discussion, Kenny delivers five pivotal insights that are sure to revolutionize your approach to real estate: Don’t miss out on Kenny’s game-changing tips for building a thriving real estate…

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