Looking For 5 Real Estate Agents That Want 30-60+ Appointments In 90 Days Or Less…

We are running a case study in October and we are looking for 7 more real estate agents / that want 30 – 60+ appointments (guaranteed) in 90 days or less & to learn how to become an authority online in their local market.


Book a call here and let’s see if you qualify: https://studioptbo.com/book-now/

– Cody at StudioPTBO

P.S. if you wanna do some research before booking, here are some links 😉 

Our Website: https://studioptbo.com/

How Our Model Works: https://studioptbo.com/sendtheleads/

Recent Masterclass We Hosted: https://re.studioptbo.com/masterclass-replay/

Free Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/studioptbomarketinghacks

Chat With Us: https://studioptbo.com/book-now/

Our Book, “What If You Could?” Is Out!

Great news, our new book “What If You Could?” is out!   This breezy, whimsical read gives people the motivation and the mental toolkit they need to create a more prosperous, happier life personally and professionally – especially in a post-pandemic world.   With a foreword by the one and only David Meltzer, the book is the ultimate blueprint…

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Maximizing Results with ISA’s: Mastering Scripts and Overcoming Objections

If you’ve worked with ISA’s in the past, I’m willing to bet it “didn’t work” because of the following. 1. They didn’t have winning scripts and you didn’t train them on how to overcome objections. 2. When you got the appointment or inquiry you weren’t saying the right things to the prospect in order to…

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