What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

So many agents and entrepreneurs just expect clients to choose them but have no clear unique value proposition. You as an agent or entrepreneur need to figure this out.

Sit down. Figure out what separates you from the rest of the market place.

I had a client on the call mention that he recently moved brokerages because he now has access to 70-80 additional listing network opportunities for his client. Well look at that, that’s a unique value proposition. We can work with that.

Imagine how much better that conversation sounds to the buyer or seller during the appointment now? That you have an advantage to the marketplace. What else though? What separates you?

If you’re struggling to set yourself apart in your messaging I highly recommend you buy the book $100 million dollar offers by Alex Hormozi. The marketing world is raving about this book. I’m raving about this book. Because it’s helped to shift my perspective.

That if your ads, sales or marketing isn’t working or you’re not closing sales it’s most likely because your USP and offer suck. If you’re talking with people and struggling to get clients to choose you, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better USP.

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What is happening hope everyone is doing well we have a Starbucks grande blonde latte is one shot to go automate delegate with move today I want to chat about mindset. Today I want to chat about becoming a lifelong learner. Today we are talking about sales processes. So we’re going to title these live sessions, Cody Hello, hope you’re doing well. Thanks for tuning in another episode of Coffee with Cody. Today I want to tackle what a unique selling proposition is what that means for you and your real estate business for you as an entrepreneur, I think it’s so important to remember that if our ads aren’t working, or marketing is not working, we’re not closing enough sales, we might need to go back to the drawing board in order to figure out what our unique selling proposition today. And that’s the big idea. This is what I want to capture today’s one I want to chat about. I’m having a lot of conversation with clients with people about what separates them in the marketplace and how they can really dive deeper to understand how they can actually portray themselves different than every other agent, every other entrepreneur in the online space. If you’re listening back on iTunes, Spotify, I want to say thank you more than anything, I really hope you got a ton of value out of this today, I really want to give you some questions that you can think about in your day to day and I really want to encourage you to sit down, you know, take an hour on a Sunday, take an hour on Monday, time blocking in your calendar to really think about what your unique selling proposition is. So we’re going to cover that today on the episode I want to say thank you for tuning in. If you already have your unique selling proposition, really Mac though, I want to say that you’re ahead of the majority of the people. There was a book that I read recently in the marketing industry is raving about it. It’s called $100 million offers by Alex or Mozi. And it really has helped me understand the difference that a good compelling offer can make in the marketplace. And it really helps me understand how it can help you close more sales because it separates you from every every one else in the marketplace. A really good offer can really help accelerate sales inside your business, I really want to talk about that. And if you’re selling your own brand, you’re selling yourself. What I really want to cover in this video is questions, some key questions that you can actually ask yourself, to help you create an offer so compelling that people that sets you different in the marketplace and so compelling that it gets people to choose you or everyone else. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna share my screen. So if you’re listening back on iTunes, or Spotify, I encourage you to I’ll read these out. But I encourage you to check out the video on our website, because this will be posted as a blog as well. Really, what I want to cover today are some key questions that you can ask yourself, and some key questions that you can really, that can really help you set it apart. The first place is like what do we want our market to know us for? I think it’s so important when you’re when you’re sitting down and thinking about what is my unique selling proposition? It’s like, what do we want to be known for, and something that I was recently chatting with a good friend Ciaran. And he, and we’ve been, we’ve been really trying to figure out even what our unique selling proposition is over the last couple years, and we’ve kind of shifted it. And this can change, it doesn’t have to stay exactly the same. This can change from year to year. But your USP is something that can really separate you in the marketplace. So we started the guaranteed booked appointments, we’ve kind of moved, we’re still doing that. But we move from that offer to a pay per booked appointment. Because what we realized is the marketplace is a we want to be known for that we want to be known for essentially our call center, we want to be known to actually get in front of prospects to get them on the phone with you booked appointments and live transfers. That’s what we want our markets notice for. So I encourage you to sit down and think about like what do I want my market to notice for for example, I was on a call the other day with we were doing some training for a bottleneck call and we were chatting about this. We’re chatting about what separates you from the marketplace. And I had a client mentioned to me that he recently changed brokerages and he The reason he changed brokerages was because he now has access to about 70 to 80 Different listing directories where he didn’t have access to those directories with his old brokerage. And I said to him, like that is a really unique selling proposition that you have. And that really matters to the end consumers. Like you know, if you’re working as a real estate agent, it’s not enough for you to simply say, Well, I’m a real estate agent, I can help you buy or sell real estate. It’s like well, sure everyone can do that. But what separates you the marketplace and and I said to a newer agent, I said potentially you might not have this unique selling proposition mapped out for yourself right now. So what are things that your brokerage is doing? That separates everyone else in the marketplace? But as you start to get? Think about this now because as you start to grow, maybe it’s a niche market. Maybe you serve first time homebuyers are better than anyone else in the marketplace, and you give them more resources than anyone else in the marketplace for first time homebuyers. You do first time homebuyer seminars no one else is doing like whatever that may be. Find your USP Find your unique selling proposition that separates you from every other real estate agent in the industry. Maybe like I said, maybe you serve first time homebuyer first time homebuyers. Maybe it’s Hey, I serve waterfront property, people who want to buy a waterfront. You know, I know a real estate agent who, you know, obviously works with everyone. But she’s She specializes in waterfront. Maybe that’s your unique selling proposition? Or maybe it’s something that your brokerage does and and I would encourage you to figure this out even as a business owner as an entrepreneur, like what is your unique selling proposition? Like what do you want to be known for? And like, what type of clients do we serve, like maybe like, maybe in your messaging, it doesn’t. And this is an example I want to give you is like in a lot of our messaging, we serve real estate agents and real estate teams. But that doesn’t mean if there is a good opportunity that comes along where we feel like we can serve them, we won’t serve that niche as well. If we feel like we can actually serve them at a high level, it doesn’t mean that you pigeonhole yourself just because you simply market to one specific niche, you’re going to get other people who are going to organically come to you as well. So it’s like but like what types of clients do we want to serve? What is the what is the one thing we can do better than anyone else? And also prove what what is an underserved market in your area? Is there anything in our processes or procedures that make us different make us unique? And that’s the second the last question I want to encourage you is like Do you have a compelling story? Do you have a story that is different than everyone else? And I’m sure you do. And there’s a framework that I taught a couple weeks ago where it’s like story lesson offer. And it’s like, like, what is a story you can tell? What is the lesson from that story and like then you make your offer at the very end. It’s like stories can really your story about getting into real estate can be a unique selling proposition in itself. It’s like, hey, especially if you’re if you’re you recently were a first time homebuyer and you are working with first time homebuyers your story can be that unique selling proposition. So I want to encourage you today entrepreneur, real estate agent. If you’re sitting there and you’re saying I just don’t know what my unique selling proposition is, I don’t know how to separate myself from the marketplace. I would encourage you to sit down take an hour begin to write out you know, ask these questions yourself and begin to write out your answers because it can really make a big difference in the marketplace can really make a big difference for you in the marketplace especially if you’re just starting out so hope you got a ton of value today. I hope you take this you grab a Word doc you write have these questions you write in the answers. And then you begin to formulate you pick up the book when 100 What $100 billion offers, which really got my mind thinking about this over the last little while because simply saying like oh I sell real estate or it’s like I happen to have like happen have a landscaping business isn’t an offer. It’s not a unique selling proposition. unique selling propositions sell your products or your services. So I encourage you to sit down think about what is unique what separates you from the marketplace. And it can really make a big difference and this might change you might change the wording you might change you might change the the messaging over time and that’s okay. But really sit down and begin to think about your your marketing begin to think about your sales and how you can separate yourself in the marketplace. Pick up the book $100 million offers this will help you ask yourself these set of questions and watch good things happen. So thanks for tuning another episode of Coffee Cody do appreciate your attention. If you want a copy of these questions, just throw the word. Throw the Word document in the comment section below. I’ll get you the document and you know you can sit down and really think about these questions on a deeper level. So hope you have a great day. Hope you’re staying safe out there. Hope you having a great Saturday. We’ll see y’all soon. Thanks for tuning in episode of Coffee with Cody. Have a good day guys.

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