How To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates

My sales close rate is currently 46%.

It’s always around 50%.

Even in my corporate career it was 50%.

I pretty much close 1 out of 2 sales I chat with.

Why do I tell you this?

Because I want to let you know that I practice my script every single frigen day.Because I want to serve the person in front of me.I also want to represent my program well.

And I’ve recently just switched our team to Alex Hormozi’s CLOSER script, which took my business developer Aldo Feoli from 20% to 40% close months.Y

ou better believe i drilled into this guy he needs to know the script.It wasn’t easy.And honestly he will be the first to tell you that he worked hard this year to better represent our program.

I’m proud of Aldo for putting in the work.For those that don’t know…I spent 10 years in corporate sales.We practiced every single day.We practiced objections.

We practiced the script.We practiced the flow of the script and communication.

We ran daily role plays.

Every single day.

So … It boggles my mind when real estate agents, salespeople and agency owners tell me they “wing it” on sales calls and presentations.

Let me be clear.

Professionals don’t wing it.

Professionals always have a plan.

Professionals practice.

They practice questions.

They practice objections.And they read their script and even memorize it.

So I highly implore you to practice your script a minimum of 16 minutes a day.

I guarantee you that if you find a good script, you use it and you find someone to practice with, you will increase your income in 2022.

You will also represent yourself at an even higher level because you’ll be able to serve the client in front of you even more.

-Cody at StudioPTBO

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