7 Interesting NAR Facts For Real Estate Agents

Here’s 7 interesting stats and knowledge for my real estate friends from NAR.

1. 44% of people turn to the internet before contacting an agent (psssttt you should be publishing more educational content, yesterday)

2. 70% of homebuyers interviewed only 1 agent.

3. 47% of buyers and 44% of sellers, ranked responsiveness ahead of professionalism and expertise.

4. It was found that many agents miss appointments with their clients and even set appointments, which was a key factor to them losing the deal.

5. And the other day I chatted about scripts. One of the key reasons people chose their realtor was their negotiation skills to sell and persuade. If you can’t sell and persuade someone to work with you, some consumers felt that they aren’t going to sell and persuade for their property deal.

6. The two main things people want to know realtors are

A – How much is their home worth now?

B – Should they refinance? So if your marketing isn’t currently speaking directly to what their homes worth in today’s market, you are missing out.

7. 95% of consumers research the housing market online to buy

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