You Make Your Own Luck In Life

Ransacked. Our agency headquarters, both floors.

Every piece of our prized video equipment stolen, about $10,000 worth. Doesn’t sound like much, but for a startup like us, crushing. You want to cry, but you just have to fight.

The police came, looked at our surveillance footage (nothing but hoodie), dusted for fingerprints, and managed expectations.

They were like, Listen we’re busy.

We might be able to hit up the pawn shops later in the week but if you guys have the time, best you head over there right away with your serial numbers and cross your fingers they turn up here, not at an out-of-town shop.

We (Cody and Neil, the authors of this book) thought, Let’s go! Knowing it would be like winning the lottery, we hit up every one of the downtown pawn shops. At the last shop—literally at the moment we’re giving our serial numbers to the clerk—a guy walks in and stands next to us. And what do you know? He’s weighed down by a heavy knapsack, our camera lens popping out.

We look at each other, thinking, What are the odds?

Signaling the clerk to stall the dude, we head outside and call the police officer, Get over here! We’re sharing the sidewalk with the thief’s spotter.

After an eternity (less than five minutes), one cop pulls up, then another, sirens blaring. Like a Netflix thriller, traffic backs up at the nearest intersection and passers-by gawk in wonderment.

As the cop nears the pawn shop, the thief makes a run for it while his spotter bolts in the other direction.

The cop chases the bad guy (and our gear) while Neil chases the cop chasing the bad guy (and our gear).

Luckily, the cop caught the thief first.

The long and short of our story is: You make your own luck in life…

Our kind of luck begins with an action-oriented mindset that is all about going after life and business, not waiting for it to come to you. It is driven by starting, trying, being resilient, and never giving up.

This book is a blueprint for building your life of purpose. In it are the principles, attitudes, and mindsets we live by and that have brought us success and joy. We hope they will inspire you and make a big difference in your life.

We invite you to read our book front to back, back to front, or start in the middle; there is no real order. But the way to get the most value from our book is to mull over what you’ve read, make notes, dog-ear the pages and revisit them often, try out the principles and mindsets for yourself, and share them with family, friends, and colleagues.

Go make your own luck in 2022.

Make it happen.

You can do it!

P.S. if you want some motivation headed into 2022 – grab a copy of our book, “What If You Could” below:

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