How To Effectively Manage Employees

This is one of the best tools that we use in our agency to get a pulse each day on how our team is performing. We’ve tried many different ways but this one is the winner for us. Interested in what that tool is? Watch Cody explain here!

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What is happening hope everyone is doing well we have a Starbucks grande blonde latte is watch how to go automate delegate with move today I want to chat about mindset today I want to chat about becoming a lifelong learner. Today we are talking about sales processes. So we’re gonna title these live sessions, Cody Hey, what’s up? Hope you’re doing well. Yeah, you know another episode of Coffee with Cody, really excited to chat today a little bit about a tool that we use with our call center agents a tool that we use with really all of our employees in order to get a better pulse of how they’re doing from a day to day performance. And what I’m going to do today is I’m going to share my screen, I’m going to try to make this interactive, you’re listening back on iTunes or Spotify, I highly recommend that you pull this video up on YouTube, go to our YouTube channel, it’s in the link in our bio, and have a watch, because I think this tool will really help you whether you have one employee, two employees 510 20, I really think that this tool is a catalyst that we use on a daily basis to help give me insight into what’s happening inside of our agency. So I’m gonna dive into it. This tool is so important, wherever you’re listening, I recommend that you take this, I learned this from a few other agency owner friends in the past that there they were doing this with their employees. And this end of day reporting tool will give you insight on a daily basis into what’s going on inside your agency. So I’m going to share my screen, I’m going to give you a little bit of a sneak preview in regards to what we’re doing. And we’re finding really effective. So what we’re doing right now inside of our agencies, we use a tool called end of day reports an entity reporting really gives us an understanding and gives me a realization on what’s happening on a daily basis, there are a lot of things that can happen inside of your agency inside of your business inside of your real estate business, if you’re working with, you’re working with a buyer agent, this can this end to day reporting tool can really give you an understanding of like, what’s happening inside of your business on a daily basis. So this has been a really huge, so we use the entity reports on a daily basis. So everyone in our staff will fill out, you know, their name, their email, all that information, they kind of give me a list of the what happened throughout the day, kind of a play by plan. And then they tell me whatever goals for tomorrow, and I think this is so important to to really have something of like, you know, it’s like, what did you accomplish today? And what are you going to accomplish tomorrow? So that they’re not just thinking about the monotonous tasks of what’s happening today? It’s like, but what can actually happen tomorrow? And how can I make it impact? You know, were the things that just didn’t get done that and they can come back to these because what happens we use a tool called JotForm. These reports get sent to them on a daily basis, so they can go back to them to actually look at like, what did I actually accomplish yesterday? So that’s really cool. And one of my favorite elements of the of these end of day reports are their ratings and reviews. Now the cool thing about the ratings and reviews, is they allow our employees to rate themselves on a scale of one to 10. How do they think they did? And that day of like, how close are they like, you know, How close were they hit their goal for the, for the day for the week, for the month. And what this really does is it holds themself accountable to the goals that we have put out in front of them. And it gets them to think about their day, in a in a different way, like something I encourage all of our staff is to get up, you know, for 10 minutes and just go for a walk or get outside. And this is so important because this, in my opinion, helps productivity because if they’re just sitting at their desk all day, you know, and this happens, where they sit at their desk all day and they don’t actually get up and do other things like they could be working. But are they making those working hours productive. And this is why it’s so important when working with a remote staff to constantly remind themselves and what these end of day reports do. There’s one question on the board. It’s like I protected my biology today. And what I encourage all of our staff is to get up and actually move and, you know, take 10 minutes or 15 minutes to actually physically protect their biology did they eat today like these are all important things that as I’m looking at these entity reports and as our as our team and as our leadership is looking at these entity reports, it’s giving them the understanding of what’s happening in their world on a daily basis. The next thing that I love some things that we’ve added along the way to the other day reports is the summary of your day. One thing you learned today and the second thing is what is one thing you did well today and one thing you could have done better this specific question is so important because it gets them to reflect on one thing they did well and one thing they didn’t do so well and I find that this helps because we do weekly what the ones with every single staff member on our team, because I want really want to know from a day to day perspective, Like What Did something change? And then generally what our team will do is, like jerris, our operations director will sit down and actually read these daily to really understand where people are in our world, like, you know, where can we support them working with better help them. And then we have different things that are end of day reports that are specialized towards a specific staff member. But I found this to be super effective. And I really feel like we could scale this. And as we aim over the next year, to double the revenue inside of our business, I really want to make sure that we remain, you know, with the great culture that we have right now. And I think these entity reports can really help us if you’re growing and you’re scaling the business. I’ve learned a lot of these things through, really through my corporate job as well. Like we used to do weekly one to one check ins with all of our staff when I was at Best Buy. And I found it really effective, because it gave me an understanding of what is happening in everyone’s world. Because things change from week to week. And I I just highly implore you to things that can really help you effectively manage people is to check in with them weekly, do like a schedule check in. And the second thing is ended the reports because if something seems off in the end of the report, you can reach out and say hey, how’s everything going and it just gives you a better overview of what’s happened in your business on a daily basis. And it gives you an opportunity to kind of look at what’s happening and support them where they need support. So I want to share with that with you. I find these entity reports are super effective if you have any questions or you have questions about the questions we put inside of the inside of the end of day reports and how they essentially help us make sure that we’re heart strategy as well as the other thing is that you can be business strategy, but like are we really caring about our people and I find that the entity reports give us the clarity into how they’re doing as people because these are just employees of the people. So I find this to be really effective. So thank you for tuning another episode cough Cody hope you got a lot of value out of these ended a report to help they really help you effectively manage people and to effectively create depth of relationship with with your staff. So hope you got a ton of value. Thanks for tuning another episode. Again. All these episodes are live on YouTube. They’re also live on obviously on Facebook, but they’re viewable on iTunes and Spotify as well. Thank you for tuning in once again. Thanks for tuning in coffee Cody. We’ll see you soon.

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