This happened 3 years ago

3 years ago when I started going deep into digital marketing Catherine Howell taught me the importance of serving 1 audience and choosing a niche.

I listened at first and chose real estate.

But then I got into the space and realized that it was freaking hard to market for real estate agents.

I also realized that the space is filled with pros and with a bunch of people who fail whether they work with me or not.

87% of the realtors fail in 4 years.

The buying cycle is long as hell.

Many agents in real estate are lazy as hell.

The average salary of an agent last year in a hot market with less than 2 years of experience was $8,000. Needless to say, a lot of agents are broke.

But… there are a lot of agents who we work with today that get it and invest into marketing for both the long and short term results.

But i didn’t know any of this information in the beginning because I was truthfully dabbling.

I also got frustrated with agents not calling their leads so I decided to dabble in a few other niches.

I said screw it, i can do this in multiple industries and find a specific type of person to work with.

Little did I know I was extremely wrong.

I was stressed and burnt out last April when I joined Taki and boardroom. I was doing all the strategy in my business and every ad campaign concept came from me, and I was stretched thin daily.

It wasn’t until I had a conversation with Bill Baren about really making a conscious decision to choose a niche and go all in.

I remember sitting next to Neil Morton and Jairus Leeson and saying; why don’t we go all in on real estate… I feel like it’s our strongest vertical.

Little did I know how broken our systems were and little I knew about the space.

We started to revamp our entire program and really go deep into the space last June.

This decision with Jairus to go all in on real estate and become the #1 lead gen and appointment setting agency for full time and experienced real estate agents has opened up so many doors.

I understand the space so much better now because I was introduced to who has now become a good friend, Sharran Srivatsaa, who then introduced me to Vikram Deol.

I really believe that life and business is full of choices we make. And these choices bring forth opportunities.

I’ve come to learn that in order to go deep in an industry you really need to get deep into the mind of your audience.

I think this is why so many businesses struggle in their marketing, because while they think they are speaking the language, they are missing key elements to their messaging.

I also really believe that it’s extremely difficult to work multiple niches and provide a stellar program.

Even attempting to add programs creates complexity to your business.

So thank you Cat for teaching me this lesson 3 years ago…

And thank you to Bill for getting through to me.

The best is yet to come with our rebrand and Sheridan St.

Cody May
CEO at Sheridan St.
The #1 lead generation and appointment setting agency for real estate

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