A New Look

I am so excited to announce today is the day of our rebrand. Effective today, September 1, 2022, we are now Sheridan St. I really believe that our new brand, Sheridan St., greatly represents who we are as a company today.

Sheridan St. is a Premium, long term lead generation agency, creating quality first conversations through strategy, technology and education. Empowering Real Estate Agents to unlock their full potential, maximizing their opportunities and growing their business in the online space.

Why does Sheridan St. resonate with us?

  1. We now solely serve full time and experienced real estate agents and teams. Sheridan St. is a neighbourhood and we feel like this name will resonate more with them.
  2. Sheridan means seeker in Gaelic and that’s what we do. We seek out full time and experienced real estate agents and team new opportunities and conversations.
  3. Sheridan St. is also an ode to the past because our office in Peterborough used to be located at 430 Sheridan St.

We are excited for the future and excited to continue to serve the real estate community at an extremely high level.

-Cody May, CEO at Sheridan St.
#1 Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Agency for Real Estate Agents & Teams

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How To Make Better Decisions

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