The Rising Importance of Serving the Spanish Speaking Real Estate Market in 2023 and Beyond

I recently spoke at a NAHREP event (National Association of Hispanic Realtors) and one of the presenters gave me a stat you should know… They are estimating that over the next 20 years 70% of first time homebuyers are going to be Hispanic.

We already see this now in many markets… The Spanish speaking market is not currently being served at a high level by real estate professionals…

But those that are focused on serving this market are attracting the buyers / sellers because it’s an untapped market.

This is part of the reason we have created a Spanish speaking call center out of Argentina and Colombia. Our goal is to help serve the Spanish speaking market at a high level and we have set out to make that our mission.

In fact, I have personally spent the last year in Latin America and I am attracting some of the top talent to come work for our agency. 

If you are a team leader headed in 2023, I strongly urge you to consider a Spanish strategy if you want to experience the growth you desire to have. 

There is no question that:

– The market is uncertain

– Interest rates are uncertain

– Inventory is uncertain

As my mentor Sharran (President of REAL) has said, “We have exited a momentum based market and entered a skills based market” 

What you did in 2020, 2021 and 2022 will not suffice for 2023…

You are going to need to add things and go back to the basics of what worked prior to 2020. 

This means

1. More buyer presentations

2. More conversations

3. More lead sources

There are 3 types of business growth that you should be looking at in 2023.

1. Now Business – This is created through face-to-face conversations… You need to create more conversations about real estate in your day-to-day life.

2. Referral Business – My guess is you have this down pat… Most succesful agents have this locked in or they just need a little work. The issue with referrals is no one wakes up in the morning thinking how they are going to refer you more business… You need to be more active in 2023 in order to keep this alive.

3. Pipeline Business – This is what we specialize in… We do this for both english and spanish speaking real estate agents / teams that want appointments on autopilot. This is building and nurturing a list so that you can create more conversations.

If you want to make 2023 the best year yet and want your phone to ring… Let’s chat… Imagine making 1,000 calls every week without ever lifting a finger… That is possible with our Dedicated Appointment Engine System. 

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