The Importance of Consistent Follow-Up in Real Estate for Lead Generation and Conversion

The national averages to create appointments is 35 touch points, yet the average realtor follows up 1.4x…

Here’s what you need to understand about follow up in real estate … even people who are problem aware and motivated need consistent follow up.

Right now – I have been personally playing phone tag with my lease company. I have massive intent to sell my vehicle, but our lines keep getting crossed and this person has called me 9x, but i haven’t been able to answer.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have intent to sell, I do, i just need to find time to make it a priority.

In fact, i just had a call today with an agent I’ve been following up with for a year… yes a year.

And this belief you don’t need to follow up consistently or that you only work with referrals is why majority of agents are struggling right now…

And it’s why many agents are going to go out of business.

In 2020/2021… it was a momentum based market.

Meaning people just needed you to open the door and write offers.

Now you have to really work for the deal, educate and have way more conversations to get that deal.

I’ve had far too many conversations with real estate agents that have told me their business is hurting because they neglected the pipeline 6 months ago.

And I listen to far too many live transfers with agents who don’t know what to say or how to persuade a prospect in order to get someone who’s on the fence about moving right now into a meeting.

All conversion happens in conversation.

Like I advise our top clients.

You need to be setting 5 buyer consults a week right now, minimum. And this is why Vikram Deol chatted this morning about scripts that working right now.

If you want the replay to the training we did today called 7 figure real estate leads and conversion – email me back the word CONVERSION 

Cody May
CEO at Sheridan St.
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