The Art of Converting Leads to Clients: The Power of Skill and Dedication

Converting online leads to clients is a skill, no different from the skill required to convert clients from various other sources such as:

Open houses

Door knocking

Cold calling

Organic YouTube

Running events

Yada yada yada 

Anyone who thinks that they can simply turn on leads and convert everyone is delusional. There’s an art to success.

Why has our client Mike made $56,000 in 3 months off a $3,000 ad spend, with a past list of about 200 and all new leads, while others have failed in the same market?

For example, we were running a database reactivation in that same market over the last 3 months with another client who just cancelled and couldn’t blame the leads because they were their leads. They had 17,000 leads too.

The difference?

Mike has skill.

Mike listens.

Mike answers his phone.

Everything comes down to time, skill, and volume. Ultimately, some people lack skill and refuse to level up their skill.

But I’m sorry to burst your bubble; we are in a skills-based market.

In fact, as the CEO, I am currently spending one hour a day dialing leads with my sales team. I’m doing it to set a precedent that advanced people never stop doing the basics, and I’m doing it to set a higher minimum standard.

So my question tonight is this:

What are you willing to do to reach your goals this year?

Is it dialing 1 hour a day?

Is it role-playing 1 hour a day?

Is it listening to a sales podcast every day?

Don’t be mistaken. The work you put in today will manifest in October.

So if you want to have a good October and November and finish the year strong, what are you going to do to achieve that?

What skill are you going to level up?

CEO at Sheridan St.

The #1 lead generation and appointment setting agency for real estate

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