Achieving Success in Real Estate: The Importance of Consistency, Commitment, and Communication

2 days into campaign with a new client in Toronto (an area so many complain about online leads), primarily because they’re lazy and don’t want to educate the market.

They just want lay down sales.

But the problem is, in this market lay down sales is a joke.


I spoke with a high performing team lead today in South Carolina who confirmed what we are seeing across every market we speak with…

Top performing agents are taking 22-25 conversations to get a meeting.

And last year it was about 15 conversations to a meeting.

So what do you need?

More conversations…

So here’s the thing…

Our top performing agents speak with 10 people with live transfers and are booking 4-5 in person meetings with our program and Sharran’s frameworks that actually show you give a damn about people.

But the problem is…

… many agents treat this profession like a cashier at Walmart, and then they wonder why they get paid like they work at Walmart.

This client Mo is different … In fact, I personally brought him in and said no word of a lie.

If you don’t pickup your phone at least 75% of the time, use Sharran’s scripts and fill out email sprinkler forms weekly, I refuse to work with you.

He agreed to all of the above and said, “just make my phone ring and I’ll do what it takes” lol 😂

And since the day he started he has picked up every single live transfer, filled out his forms and actually practiced the script I gave him. He didn’t say, “oh the script doesn’t work” or “that’s not how I do business”

He listened to what Sharran taught us in the game plan framework, because Sharran has been responsible for billions of dollars in real estate… so if you think your winging it works better, more power to ya. But, I don’t work with people that wing it.

See Mo showed up and just followed the process.

And… he already is setting in person meetings and having great conversations with people he would have never met.

This is why we have non-negotiables now.

Non-negotiables to pickup your damn phone

Non-negotiables to ask every single lead you speak with to meet in person

Non-negotiables to actually take 30 minutes a week to fill out a form so we can nurture your leads

See it’s the consistency, time, volume and commitment to the process that drives results.

There are no shortcuts.

There are no magic pills.

You need to actually give a damn about people and want to help every single person you speak with.

If you don’t hold that ethos in life and business, I’m definitely not the right fit for you.

I want everyone who I work with to win.

But if you’re gonna try and alter the program – you’re essentially telling a trainer I’m gonna eat 9,000 calories and work out a bit and I’ll lose weight. Crazy.

But if you wanna be like Mo and follow the system and set more in person meetings — book a Dedicated Appointment Engine demo here:

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