The #1 Productivity Hack by Vikram Deol

I was thinking about all the lessons over time and I figured out the #1 productivity hack that isn’t sexy so no one talks about it…

Want to know what it is?

It is Consistency! 

YUP! I know. Boring, lame, tested and proven. Scientifically backed.

YUP! Consistency…

But wait, why is it that you and I both know what is needed and yet we still fall off, or fall short on this area in life.I promise you that you are very consistent in many area’s and you are very consistently not consistent in other areas.As a realtor, you have heard you need to have an Hour of Power a day. This is the hour you only prospect leads in your CRM. Do you?  

As a realtor, you know you need to work your Sphere of influence daily? Do you?

As a real estate professional, you have heard you need to have KPI’s to track daily, weekly and monthly…

Do you?As a realtor, you know you need to work on your personal brand, do more video’s, do more informational content and work on that personal brand as Gary Vee says, if you don’t have a brand… are you even relevant?


As a real estate professional, you have heard to setup consistent boundaries for your clients? Do you?As a real estate professional, you know the physical demands on the body, do you exercise consistently and take care of your health? Like, is working out, pilates, yoga, spin, cycling, running in your schedule?

As a real estate agent, you know the demands emotionally and mentally, especially now that the market is in a full on tail spin death spiral, at least that is what the news and youtube says… Do you have a practice to build your mind? Meditation, sound baths, a bubble bath, steam/sauna, cold baths/showers, reading, conferences, webinars, coaching, mentors?

As a real estate pro, you know there are things you do super well… and then there is the rest of the things that you know but you don’t do.

 Let me ask you, what does it cost you to not do these tasks? Somethings you can outsource in life and somethings you have to do on your own. 

As the market shifts, and the shifts happening super fast, what are you going to do consistently to show up for you and then your clients? How do you want to show up in life? The crazy lady who’s always looking panicked or the cool, calm, collected one.

How will you show up consistently for yourself and your clients moving forward in 2022? 

The choice is your. Is this I will do it, or I want to do it?

Vikram Deol

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