How To Win & Sell More Listings In Real Estate

One of the things I’m most excited about is our new Listings Hub service for real estate agents and teams.

This is going to help agents

A. Win more listings

B. Get them more eyeballs and inquiries on their listings

C. Build their database in the process How does it work? Y

ou get us photos and fill out a jotform. Yes that’s it. That’s all you have to do.

We do the rest:

1. Setup a custom landing page with an opt in opportunity for the listing (you look like a hero to your client)

2. Setup a Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ad to help you market your listings and optimize for inquiries. Meaning more eyeballs on your listing + you can say, “We have a professional team that is going to market your listing on every major social platform”

3. Edit any video so that it’s optimized for TikTok / Instagram. You can tell your clients, “We have a professional video team that is going to optimize this for every platform”

4. Run automated drip email and text sequences to nurture the lead. You can tell your client, “we have a professional team that will build an automated sequence to make sure people that inquire get responded to right away”

5. Call the leads to set appointments / send them as a live transfer to your team.

You can tell your clients, “we have a dedicated team that is going to call every inquiry to set appointments with me to sell your property” The best part? You only pay per listing! if you want more information about our Listings Hub service – book a quick demo here:

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