Introducing the Appointment Engine Score: A Tool for Real Estate Agents to Assess Key Performance Indicators

We created a new tool to better help real estate agents assess what we call their Appointment Engine Score.

Get your score here:

Why did we create this tool?

We have had the opportunity to see under the hood of some of the top performing real estate teams in the country and how they run their businesses.

It’s apparent that many top performing teams have key appointment setting systems installed in their business. 

These are some key questions that I really believe that every agent should be asking themselves as they look towards growth. 

There are key principles in a real estate business that I would implore you to create an action plan around in 2023.

1. Lead Generation

Questions To Ask Yourself:

– How am I going to continue to build my database with more names, numbers and emails ?

– What platforms will I advertise on?

– What will be my approach to bring in more interest both organic and paid?

– What is my plan to generate business now, through SOI and through pipeline business?

2. Lifetime Nurture

Questions To Ask Yourself:

– What am I doing to ensure you have lifetime nurture in my business?

– How often am I communicating with my database?

– Do the people in my world feel like they are getting value from me regardless of when they decide to buy?

– How am I nurturing the relationships with both SOI and colder prospects with intention?

– Does my follow up game warrant the prospect to choose me or am I commodity? 

3. In Person Meetings

Questions To Ask Yourself:

– How many appointments am I taking per week?

– How many buyer consults and how many CMA’s will it take to convert a prospective buyer/seller?

– Do I have value in my presentations? Would I buy from me?

– How have I been able to compile valuable information that might move the needle for even someone that is on the fence?

– Am I able to provide and immense amount of value during these meetings?

4. Contracts

Questions To Ask Yourself:

– Am I practicing and roleplaying daily to ensure I am getting clients under contract?

– Am I asking people to work with me and am I asking for the sale?

– Am I able to explain thoroughly why they should choose me?

– Am I able to articulate my unique selling prop?

5. Closes

Questions To Ask Yourself:

– How many closes are in my pipeline?

– How much money am I expected to make this month, next month, this quarter and year?

– What do I need to do in order to generate the amount of closes I want? 

– Do my closing goals map to my daily actions?

6. Tracking (This should be an excel sheet)

Questions To Ask Yourself:

– How many leads do I need to generate a conversation?

– How many conversations do I need to generate an in person meeting?

– How many in person meetings do I need to do in order to get a contract?

– How many contracts do I need to have in order to get a close?

My hope is that these questions help you curate your business plan and you are able to have your best year yet.

CEO at Sheridan St.

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