How To Build Offers That Convert

The other day in our Facebook community I asked the group who wanted access to our “Building Offers That Convert” PDF. 

The goal of this document is to help you create better ads and help you reactivate an email list that may have gone cold. 

This is something that we do for our clients on a monthly basis. When an account is not performing, we reactivate the list with a new offer using this formula. 

What is the results? Well… More appointments and more interest for our clients product or service.  

Why do this? Well there was an interesting quote that I read recently that I believe wholeheartdly. The quote was, “Marketing always works, it just doesn’t always work the first time” The stats tell us to very important things about lead generation for businesses. 

1. You increase your conversion rates by 100x if you follow up within 5 minutes

2. You increase your contact rates by 70% if you follow up 5x or more So this is why we follow up fast and follow up often. 

So… I thought I’d hop in here and give you the chance to grab a copy of our resource to help you in the process of creating an offer that will help reactivate your list:

(PSSST… If you don’t have a list — start building one yourself or let’s chat here to brainstorm a plan on how we can fill your pipeline: 

And… if you are already a client, feel free to share that link with an entrepreneur or real estate agent you know!

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– Cody at StudioPTBO

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