Buying Cycles With Lead Generation

Something I have learned along the way from my coach Taki Moore is this valuable lesson of lead generation buying cycles.

Simply put – 50% of the market won’t choose you or might not buy.

But 15% of the market is generally ready to go within a 90 day window.

The interesting thing that we find in real estate is about 35% of the market sits in a 6 – 18 month window for buying cycle.

So this leads me to ask the question.

What does your lead nurture game look like?

Our Book, “What If You Could?” Is Out!

Great news, our new book “What If You Could?” is out!   This breezy, whimsical read gives people the motivation and the mental toolkit they need to create a more prosperous, happier life personally and professionally – especially in a post-pandemic world.   With a foreword by the one and only David Meltzer, the book is the ultimate blueprint…

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