My goal here is to share with you some tips on how to grow your business. 

Now I want to guide you more deeply through a marketing process that will help you have better success with your social media ads.

There’s a formula I really love called AIDA. It’s an old school technique that stands for:

• Attention

• Interest

• Desire

• Action

If you’ve heard of this formula before, please stick with me. I am going to show you how I tweak it to get stunning results. .

AIDA is an awesome formula that covers all the goals you have to accomplish in a campaign… from getting somebody’s attention to making the sale.

It’s easy to implement, too.

What’s cool about AIDA is that you don’t have to do it in one go (one letter, one video, etc.).

In fact, you don’t even need to use the entire formula to get amazing results!

Let me show what I mean – this is how I tweak it 🙂

First, hit people up and let them know you have something going on. Maybe it’s an event, a workshop, whatever.

Second, ask them if they want to join.

This gets people interested enough to raise their hands and ask for more information.

At this point, you give them some details about the event.

If your event offers a result they really, really want, they’ll want to join.

Then pitch yourself and why they should work with you. 

Before going into this pitch make sure you know:

1. What differentiates you?

2. Why should they choose you over everyone else? 

3. What is your guarantee?

4. What is your irresistible offer?

5. How are you going to make the client feel safe throughout the entire process?

Then after the pitch make sure you present a clear call to action and get them on a call.

This is nice and simple, but so powerful.

We do it all the time – in fact, on average, I make an offer like this on my social and email every 21 days. 

Like clockwork.

And we keep getting new clients every single month. 

And so do many of our StudioPTBO clients.

It comes down to consistency.

Your friend

– Cody at StudioPTBO

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