3 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Grow Faster

These are the 3 reasons to why we struggle grow our businesses faster. Last year pre lockdown I went to a Brendon Burchard conference that helped me to begin to experience a  breakthrough both personally and professionally.

Brendon at that conference explained this concept of automating, delegating and removing all non-needle moving activities.It was the first realization that i was struggling with all 3 of these reasons below  It wasn’t until i tackled these things, but also continue to tackle them daily that things started to actually click.

This is a journey.

And by working on these things below we have been able to double our revenue this year.

And next year I plan to do the same.

1. We have limiting beliefs about ourselves or our business and the impact we can have.

2. Our traits. We aren’t who we need to be in order to run the business we want. 

3. Skills. We don’t have the strategies or we haven’t comprehended how to implement them.

My encouragement is this.

Believe in your ability to figure things out.


What is happening hope everyone is doing well we have a Starbucks grande blonde latte is one shadow automate delegate with move today I want to chat about mindset. Today I want to chat about becoming a lifelong learner. Today we are talking about sales processes. So we’re going to title these live sessions talking coding.
Hello, good day, hope you’re doing well. Cody from StudioPTBO. Today, I want to chat about three reasons why I have learned that the hard way, a that your business might not be growing as fast as you want it. Some things I’ve learned along the way, but tell a story, I’m going to give you the three reasons why. And the three things that have really helped us overcome these things that have helped us get to where we want to go today. So last year, I was at a bridal shower conference pre pandemic, I was at a conference. And you know, I learned a lot at the conference, we at the time, I felt like it was really spinning my wheels. I don’t know, if you as a real estate agent, as an entrepreneur or thought that way where you’re like, it doesn’t everything that I do, it feels like either a is monotonous or be it feels like I’m working on things that aren’t actually moving the needle in my business. And that’s how I felt I really felt stuck. And I really felt like I there was a form of a belief that I just couldn’t break. And if you’re there right now, first, I want you to know that’s okay. Because I think no matter where you’re at, in business, no matter where you’re at, in, in personal life, you’re going to feel that way sometimes, and you’re going to feel stuck. And I was at this conference last year, Brendon Burchard conference. It was 2020 20 February, and I was sitting there is a conference and Brendan had explained a new concept that I had never actually heard spoken of. And the concept was entrepreneurs the reason you’re struggling, so he said entrepreneurs, the reason you’re struggling is because you don’t automate enough, you don’t delegate enough, and you don’t remove enough 90 of moving activities inside your business and about you. But that really stuck with me. Have you ever felt that way where you’re like, Okay, if I want to automate this, but I just don’t feel like I can hand this off because somebody can’t, might not be able to do this as well as I can. And let me tell you, that was the belief that I had, like, that belief was so destructive. And it really led towards me on this hamster wheel of trying to figure out how to do this on my own. I was at this conference, I remember texting.
Neil, my who you speak my business partner, I remember texting him and saying to him, like I’m doing this all wrong. I but I don’t know how to get out of it. And it was like this new information that I had received that changed the direction and it changed the where I was headed inside my business. And I came back from that conference. And at the time we had, I think, in February of 2020, I think we had like half the staff we had now. And that that belief shift of like I can start to automate, I can start to delegate, I can start to remove non moving activities in my business, start working on the things that actually generate income. That was the most liberating belief shift that I’ve ever had in my life. And I don’t know where you’re at currently, in your business and your real estate business where you’re feeling like maybe I just can’t give this up yet. And my encouragement that I want to give you say that that liberation that I that I experienced last year, when I was in San Diego at the Brennan for shark conference was like that, that just that one shift was the thing that literally has doubled our revenue this year, that one shift that one belief shift, and there are three things that I’ve come to realize over the last year that really hold us back from growing faster. And as I get around, you know, high performing seven and eight figure entrepreneurs that what I’m realizing is they do these three things really well. And it’s one it’s like people like in the in the in the coaching world will say, Oh, it’s your mindset, it’s your mindset. And well, that may be true. What I’ve come to learn is there’s generally three things that we struggle with that that holds us back from getting us to where we want to go. And I shared a really cool thing that from a friend Ciaran, who runs a acquisition agency. And he was essentially saying you don’t need to essentially like I’ll paraphrase it, but go back to my personal Facebook profile. I shared the the podcast, he was saying you don’t need to justify what you want. You just it’s okay to want what you want. And it was like that, that really falls in line with what I want to chat about today. But I think the first thing that holds us back from getting to where we want to go in our business, is we hold limiting beliefs about either ourselves about our service about our product, and that the encouragement that I want to give you is like it’s something that I’ve learned is like it what matters most is like your Business is always going to be broken. What matters most is your intention, the intention that you have inside your business, the intent, like I know that I have the best intentions for the people that I work with, and things might not always be perfect. And you know, we’re gonna mess up along the way. But I know I have great intentions. And there’s these and the thing that often holds us back. And it just one of the three things like all people say, Oh, it’s your mindset. It’s not just your mindset, there’s other things that go into holding us back from getting us to where we want to go. That’s something I realized but the the limit, like starting with limiting beliefs, like and I chatted about this today, like confidence starts in your belief in your ability to figure things out your belief in your ability to actually get to where you want to go your belief in your ability to find the answers to the questions that you have. I think that everything that you do need to start there. And we wrote about this in our book and about you, but I’m super convicted about this, that if you can just begin to work on your mindset, if you can begin to work on your beliefs. And I like your mindset and your beliefs. I think if you can start there, you can start to shift the things and just be confident in the fact that, look, I, I want this and I’m gonna go after this. And I’m reading I’m reading a book right now again, called Thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And it’s one of those things where it’s like, if you want to be a $10 million dollar agency, if you want to be a $20 million company, that just you want what you want. It’s what Sean said the other day, and it really stuck with me. And it really falls in line with thinking grow rich, it’s like, everything starts with your mindset. Everything starts with your beliefs, your beliefs, map your thoughts, which map your actions. And everything, every effective change that you make in your life starts with im statements. Tony Robbins talks about this, call it woowoo it’s just the truth. But that’s only one of the three. The second thing is our traits. The second thing we would have come to realize is like, and Alec scharffen talks about this all the time that potentially we aren’t who we need to be yet in order to run the business. We want it we don’t have the habits. And Brendon talked about this at the conference last year as well at the conference that changed my life was that it’s possible for us as entrepreneurs, even if we feel like we’re struggling even when we feel like we haven’t broken through yet to form life changing habits. And there’s a book that I highly recommend that you read. It’s called High Performance habits by Brendon Burchard. And it’s like how do we how do we form habits? Like how do extraordinary people become that way? It’s like, like, and that’s essentially what he talks about in this book. It’s like, people just don’t land to live extraordinary lives. They,
they put in work, they put in practice, like LeBron didn’t just become a bronze. Sure he had skills. And sure he had other things. But he practised he sharpened his skills, he became who he is today, and he’s a lot better now than he was when he first started. That’s an encouragement I want to give you today is like no matter where you’re at, in your in your real estate business, or where you’re at in your business. There’s more on the other side of sharpening your skills. And that’s encouraging want to give you is like, there’s a potential that we just aren’t who we need to be. And like, I can guarantee you that the person I was last year is totally different than the person I am this year. And the person I am this year, can handle what we have now. But the person that was last year, definitely cannot handle the team that we have now. And I still mess up and I still struggle. You know, and I still have daily leadership lessons. But there’s potentially you’re not the person you need to be. And the encouragement that we give you here today is like Alex, Alex Kaposi wrote about this the other day, and I shared this is like advanced, people never don’t do the basics. And it’s like it’s in the basics. And it’s often in the boring things that we develop the traits that we need to need in order to be the people that we need to be in order to run the business that we want to run. You know, that was a little bit wordy. But it’s true. It is absolutely true. And the third thing is the skills like there’s like and like and I want to give you some something I don’t want to leave you with this today is like whether you’re listening on iTunes, Spotify, wherever you’re listening, if you tune into live on say thank you. But the third thing is the skills like we don’t have the strategies, or we haven’t compliment comprehended how to implement them yet. And I don’t know where you’re at in your business. I don’t know where you’re at in your real estate business. But maybe like you, you don’t have the strategies yet, because you’re not around the people that have the strategies that need that you need to implement or get to it. Either. You don’t have the strategies. And if you don’t have the strategy strategies that would encourage you to get in masterminds like I’m a part of tacky horse community of like minded, amazing business individuals that pushed me every day to become a better version of myself. And that has been a huge, compelling ponent that has given me the skills that I need in order to get to where I want to go in order to be that 2 million 10 million $20 million agency that we desire to be next year. I need to be around people that are there that can help me comprehend not only how can we give the strategies but how we comprehend how to implement them and be the last thing that I would say that’s where I believe you. It’s generally one of the three things that I’ve come to realize is generally either a limiting belief about ourselves, it is A tree or it is a, a, b, r s r being we’re not quite there yet we haven’t put in the the habits and rituals to get us to where we want to go. And the third thing is, maybe we just have the skills. Yeah. And that’s where the practice comes in and chatted about this, about the five income generating activities five times a day, five days a week, you know, it’s so important, you know, and I’m gonna leave you with this, I’m gonna leave you with what Alex said, that really, really impact me as advanced people never don’t do the basics, but encourage you today to look at, you know, your life as a whole. And to really examine, you know, where am I at? Where do I want to go? What do I need to what do I need to change and like, do I need to work on in order to get to where I want to go, you don’t need to justify it to anyone, you just need to make it happen. And that’s a courage I want to leave you with today. That’s the big idea. If you have any questions around this, if you need any support, I would love the opportunity to chat with you. If you’re a real estate agent that is looking to generate more leads and appointments in your business we are currently taking on clients, looking to help them grow their business, you know, give them the training that they need in order to actually convert online leads, clients, you know, really pure intentions to really help as many Realtors as we possibly can get into the online space, get some effective results, and really grow with us. So hope you got some value today. I hope that you take this you automate, you delegate you remove not needing to moving activities inside your business to get where you want to go. You start to look at your limiting beliefs. You start to look at you know who you need to become in order to get to where you want to go. And the third thing is you begin to get around people that can help you to not only develop the skills, but also get around people that can help you implement them. So I’ll leave you with that today. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Coffee with Cody. Hope you have a great day and we’ll see y’all soon.

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