Pay Per Booked Appointment

StudioPTBO has just launched it’s newest service! Pay Per Booked Appointment. This is an absolute no-brainer and takes all the risk of moving forward away.

Imagine getting buyer and seller appointments booked right into your calendar – and only paying for the appointments that we book! Interested? Email us at to hear all the details!

What is happening hope everyone is doing well we have a Starbucks grande blonde latte is what’s how to go automate delegate with move today I want to chat about mindset. Today one shot about becoming a lifelong learner. Today we are talking about sales processes. So we’re gonna title these live sessions, Cody Hello, hope you’re doing well, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. And I’m gonna talk really quickly about our pay per book to win bottle. If you are a real estate agent, real estate broker, you’re on a team, definitely going to want to learn a little bit about our paper book appointment model, essentially what we’re doing, we’ve listened we’ve heard, and we’ve watched a model in a way that can help you attract more leads, generate more appointments, convert those appointments to paying clients, we give you the tools, the scripts and everything you need in order to actually do that. So if you’re listening to coffee, Cody, you’re listening back on iTunes or Spotify. It’s going to be a short coffee with code today because I just want to talk about the fact that we launched this and the reason that why we launched this, there’s so many agents that have come in contact with over the last couple years that really want an additional lead source. Like there’s really, when you’re when you’re generating business, I chatted about this a couple weeks ago about finding come January activities five hours a day, five days a week, it’s so so important that that you remember that the you know, five income generating activities five hours a day, five days a weak, one of those being your sphere of influence, the next being your past client. But the third is that additional lead source that additional where else are you generating leads. And really what we try to do within our paper book appointment is to show you that our call centre is really good at what they do, we’re going through a call centre upgrade. And now that’s going to allow us to make more calls throughout the day for our clients. But really what we’re doing is we’re essentially saying we’re taking on a lot of the risks, say, hey, work with us, we will only charge you whenever we actually book an appointment. So we’ll call your leads will qualify them, we’ll ask them a series of 10 to 12 questions, then we’ll either book them into your into your calendar, or what we will do is we will physically send them directly to you. So we’ll do a live transfer. So right now I’m running a case study for it. So I’m looking for a select group of real estate agents real estate teams that want essentially a discounted rate at the five booked appointments the to get booked appointments to get the live transfers directly in their calendar. So looking at five real estate agents, if you know anyone, comment their name below, send me a pm with the word PPA or send me an email if you’re listening back to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify, really on a mission to help a massive amount of real estate agents get that additional source of leads, whether it be from Facebook, whether it be from Instagram, whether it be from Google, from YouTube, running ads on all platforms, we are getting them into the drip sequence. So they come through, we call the leads for you we qualify them and you only get you’ll get charged for the appointment when it actually gets booked to your calendar. And or we live transfer directly to you. If the lead happens for no show we will call the lead at no additional cost to get them into back booked into your calendar. Really, really trying to more than anything help a massive amount of realtors. Like I said, we’re going through a call centre upgrade right now that we’re super excited about. That’s really going to help us have a larger impact in the real estate industry. So shout out to Jason We hired somebody to help us really upgrade our call centre and get us some really great software that essentially allow us to make a larger dent in the real estate industry. So you’re your real estate agent. You want more information about booked appointments, you want more information around live transfers sent me a message with the word PPA whose details really appreciate your time or anything. Thanks for tuning in another episode of Coffee With Cody. We’ll see you soon. Like I said wants to be short. I just wanted to chat with you about our new case study. We’re running pay per booked appointment. Have a great day, we’ll chat with you soon.

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