What To Do When Leads Say, “I Was Just Looking”

“I’m just looking or I was just looking”

“Sorry I was just browsing”

When I was working in retail I heard this all the time.

Someone would come into our store clearly wanting to buy something but the natural reaction or the common response i heard was, “I’m just looking”

And even if they weren’t looking to buy something, i made sure they left with something by simply asking questions…

The statement “I’m just looking or sorry I was just browsing” trips so many real estate agents and salespeople up.

Many agents and business owners start making calls to online leads and when this happens they simply say, “oh ok, well have a good day”

Don’t do that! Please don’t do that 😓

Rather try this.

“Oh ok, well if you were just browsing, what exactly were you looking for or caught your attention”

Or“Ah okay, well if you don’t mind me asking, in a perfect world what type of home ideally would you buy”


“Ah okay, ideally how much do you think your property is worth right now. Do you wanna know?”

See. Every conversation you have is an opportunity.

Not only is it an opportunity with the person in front of you, it’s also an opportunity to ask for an introduction to their sphere of influence.

That persons gonna buy or sell.

That person knows a person who’s gonna buy or sell.

This person has a need to buy something.

They were browsing.

Browsing means the thought is there.

When i worked in cell phone sales people were always “just looking” or “just browsing” because there were so many options to buy a phone in the mall.

But because we were problem solvers and found solutions when people said, “just looking” we were able to build our business to $5 million in revenue out of 800 sq ft.

And our solution focused mindset helped us become the #1 sales in all of Canada in Peterborough, with a population of about 80,000. I mean because we were so solution focused, we outsold every store in the Toronto area.


Well i believe it had a lot to do with salesmenship.

We didn’t simply say “okay cool have a good day” when someone said they were just looking.

We asked questions.We presented hypothetical scenarios.And we created solutions.

So real estate agent and business owner.

Here’s my thought for today.

Find every lead a solution and then present it.

Don’t take “I’m just looking” or “i was just browsing” at face value.

People have questions.You have answers.People need to be informed.You have the information.

So go out there and serve by asking better questions, presenting hypothetical scenarios and ultimately work with people to find solutions.

 – Cody at StudioPTBO P.S. If you are ever looking for more support to help you attract leads, book appointments and get more clients, book a call with our team here: https://studioptbo.com/book-now

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