What Successful Real Estate Agents Do

Over the last few months I’ve been talking with my clients about the importance of time-blocking.

Here’s a breakdown that I hope helps you mirror what the top 1% of Real Estate Agents do.

1. Focus on 5 income generating activities a day

2. Ensure you time-block 5 hours per day towards these income generating activities

3. Do this 5 days a week

What is this?

A. Prospecting new clients through cold calls, open houses and lead generation ads etc.

B. Connecting with your sphere of influence and past client list

C. Sharpen Your Skills (Role play, review your calls and

D. Tracking (Where is your money, time, resources going? What is your close rate? Work your CRM and ask yourself where are people at in your pipeline and ensure you’re following up)

E. Networking – Make it a priority to meet 5 new people a week // connect with people in your industry.

Hope these tips and framework help you to grow your real estate business.

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