Navigating the Tough Real Estate Market: The Importance of Human Connection and Activity

The market is tough out there. 

Inventory is low in many areas.

Interest rates are let’s say… Interesting…

Buyers are looking to the media for their information… Which is scary…

Lots happening in the market right now and lots to think about…

I recently heard the President of NAR speak at the NextHome event in Houston and he held a state of the union… He said, “These next few years are going to be tough for those that don’t have a plan”… He then continued and said there are three things that you should be doing daily in order to drive real momentum in your business.

1. Do something tough

2. Do something fun

3. Do something for someone else

This brought me to really realize that those that put humans over homes in this market are going to win… 

The ones that chase another commission check just won’t last. 

There were over 1500 agents that hopped on a plane for this event, paid a ticket, got lodging and soaked in information…

And there was a common thread among almost every single presenter at this conference. 

You need to meet more people.

You need to be more active online.

You need to have more meetings.

You need to call more people.

These are what we call activities. 

If you want to 2x your income this year. My question is this… What is your 3-5x plan?

Are you going to 3x your open houses?

Are you going to 3x your social media output?

Are you going to 3x your paid advertising?

Are you going to 3x your cold calls?

Something has to 3x if you want to win this year and it all works, it just all takes time, skill and volume.

And if you are reading this right now, I do not want you to be a statistic of the 87% that fail…

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