Likes On Social Media Won’t Build Your Business

There’s very little long term currency in building followers and likes on Facebook or Instagram without building an email / text subscriber list.


Well what if your page gets shut down?

What if you get hacked and lose access? (this happened to a friend that had over 5K followers on fb)

What if the platform goes away?

Without an email and text list, you’re vulnerable.

Having an email list in marketing is currency because you have a potential client until they opt out.

This is why we always suggest with leading with value and nurturing them long term.But how do you turn leads into clients?


There was a really interesting study that came out of MIT that said you increase contact and conversion rates by 100x if you connect with the lead within 5 minutes of opt in.

In a similar study it stated that if you increase your contact rate by 70% simply after the 5th follow up.

Why is this important?

Well statistics don’t lie.

This is why follow up, having a dedicated rep to make calls / sell by chat is so crucial.

Think of all the opportunities you are leaving on the table in your business.

It’s startling for me.

Building an email list is important for the health of your business.

It’s lead generation.

– Cody “Build Your List” May

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