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Lead Generation, Booked Appointments & Live Transfers


Step 1: Fill The Funnel™️

We generate you geo-targeted and exclusive leads and implement The Appointment Engine™️ using TikTok, FB, Insta & Google ads to help you build brand/credibility online. We also circle prospect/dial for you to help create a multitude of 1st conversations to help you go from unknown to a known authority in the online/offline space.

Step 2: Lifetime Nurture™️

We create Lifetime Nurture™️ with up to 4 years of text and email automated nurture, including two methods we call Deal Of The Week™️ & Market Update Nurture™️, as well as a dedicated Inside Sales Agent to text, call and email your leads to stay top of mind.

Step 3: The Conversion Model™️

We partner with you. We get you access to all our frameworks, scripts and resources from The Real Estate Growth Academy™️. These frameworks helped our head Real Estate Coach Vikram Deol build a $250mill Real Estate business. Our program is designed to help you create predictable & profitable growth inside your business.

Our ultimate goal is to make these media buys as resourceful and impactful as possible. In fact, we actually guarantee our live transfers and appointments.

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