Unlocking Sales Success: The Power of ISA and Automated Lead Generation Strategies

Truth be told.

I barely follow up with any of my leads.

I only like showing up to calls and chatting with people.

I use automation and human touch points in order to get people to show up to calls and answer my phone.

To be honest, this is the same experience for a lot of our clients. 

But the problem is if you don’t follow up with your leads, you won’t make any sales!

Which is the sad reality for many real estate agents this year. 

I have had way too many depressing conversations where agents have told me their business has been cut in half or more this year.

See, a while back we hired an internal ISA, Miguel. Miguel calls to book appointments in our sales teams calendar.

Honestly… Everyone needs a Miguel. 

If you want to be successful with lead generation, you need what we call an ISA (Inside Sales Agent).

The ISA calls your leads and will either live transfer them directly to you – or they will book an appointment in your calendar.

Everyone needs someone calling on their behalf. My friend Sharran calls it the middleman frame.

Why do you need an ISA?

Here is why…

1. You Need Follow Up To Be Fast –  They say you can increase conversion by 100x by simply following up within 5mins (but let’s be honest – you don’t have time for that)

2. You Need Follow Up To Often – Another stat that drives us is that if you follow up 5x or more you can increase contact rate by 70%

3. You Need Follow Up To Be Consistent – Have you ever lost track of where people are at in your pipeline before speaking with them? Of course you have. But the interesting stat is that it takes 22 touch points for making a buying decision. Is your follow up to book a meeting consistent? I would wager a guess that it’s not.

See all conversion happens in conversation.

But the only way to have conversations is by having someone making follow up a priority.

This is what we do really well…

Imagine never having to call a lead again to set your own appointments. Imagine just having to pick up your phone. Imagine making thousands of calls weekly without ever lifiting a finger.

This is what we do.

We CIRCLE PROSPECT what we call the BIG 4.

1. Your cold / past list data from old ads or other lead providers to revive them and set appointments.

2. We can connect with a local rep – to put together a list in your local area

3. If you are a real estate agent – we build you a list of verified homeowners in your area

4. We run exclusive, geo-targeted and brand building ads – we then circle prospect them.

Hire a specialist – change your life.

And then thank me later!

Because here is the truth…

We work with some of the biggest real estate teams in the North America.

Top 3 trends we are seeing:

1. Buyers are super picky (even though many are priced out)

2. Sellers are a little stuck and don’t know whom to believe

3. The average DOM is longer = more effort keeping the deal together


Agents are doing a lot of work per deal (i.e. more time needed)

Why is this a problem?

1. Since it takes more time per deal

2. You have less time to prospect and fill the pipeline

Which is why we are advising teams and agents around the world to put “filling the pipeline” on autopilot.

My agency Sheridan St. does EXACTLY this:

1. Run ads across platforms for you

2. Nurture the leads for life

3. Call them to set appointments and warm transfer when ready

Want your own Miguel? Let’s chat here – https://sheridanst.io/book-now

CEO at Sheridan St.

The #1 lead generation and appointment setting agency for real estate

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