Unlocking Growth: The Importance of Tracking Numbers for Real Estate Agents

So many agents don’t track their numbers. 

This is why they don’t grow.

This is why they have inconsistent quarters.

Bad months can happen, but when you don’t know your numbers… you can’t calibrate.

And this creates the conversations I’ve had recently.

Agents telling me they didn’t sell even 1 home in Q1??

Yes I’ve had this convo.

With Agents that have 10 years of experience.

Agents that sold 15-20 deals in 2022.

These aren’t new agents.

Why does this happen?

Because they neglected conversations.

They neglected the pipeline.

If you’re serious about growth.

Here’s the numbers you need to know in order to be profitable if you invest into ads.

Here are your 5 key core metrics to scale:

Cost per lead

Cost per live transfer

Cost per in person meeting

Cost per contract

Cost per acquisition 

If you don’t know these numbers for the last 3 months, why would I ever do a pay per close?

Your expecting me to attach my business results to your blind folded flight? Nah… I’m good.

I don’t know if you can sell.

And I listen to a ton of live transfers.

Most agents can’t sell.

Most agents talk more than they listen.

Most agents are struggling right now.

But many top agents that we have interviewed on the RE Agent Podcast are still winning and investing into marketing and investing into sales training.

That’s why they’re top agents.

But… I’ll still put my money where my mouth is and show you that we are that good. And I’ll listen to your calls to coach you, as many lead issues are actually communication and sales issues. 

And I’ll put my money where my mouth is by sending you 3 live transfers for $1. Why $1? Because if you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.

CEO at Sheridan St.

The #1 lead generation and appointment setting agency for real estate

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