The Untold Power of Running Ads: A Crucial Lesson for Real Estate Success

I hate to break it to you but…

Many misunderstand the power of running ads and not shutting them off because they “haven’t transacted yet”…

Especially in real estate…

The problem is this…

Lots of agents have put all their eggs in one basket and relied solely on word of mouth and referrals. 

This is why most businesses in a down market (right now) are down 70% — even when their market is only down 20 – 30%.

One of the most powerful things I heard my mentor say recently is this, “When the market grew… Did your business grow or did the market”?

Referrals are amazing

Affiliates are amazing

Here is the problem…

Referrals are never predictable because no one wakes up in the morning thinking about how they can refer you more business. 

Unfortunately without running ads there is no way to get out in front of people consistently we don’t know that are considering making a move. 

The reason we run ads is so that we can build a database of people we don’t know.

And if we believe that all conversion happens in conversation it becomes impossible to create conversion if we don’t first build that database and nurture it. 

The truth is this… 

People don’t make the largest buying decision of their life without some serious trust.

This is why we have our fill the funnel system where we run branded and exclusive ads on FB/IG and Google to make sure your brand is repetitively in front of people that will eventually want to have conversations. 

The mistake we make is expecting to come into someones life when they are finally deciding to make a move. 

You don’t buy that way.

I don’t buy that way.

Human beings don’t buy that way.

The whole goal of why you run ads is to get you in front of more people that are actively in the market and make your brand known to them so that when they are ready to make that purchase they say, “oh yea I’ve seen (Tom’s) ads everywhere… I have definitely seen that guy”

Ads are an opportunity for you to start to build the relationship.

Because without the first date – there isn’t a second or third or marriage. 

So the next time you consider turning off your ads. 

Don’t. Just reduce the budget.

Because brand is built overtime with consistency.

CEO at Sheridan St.

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