The Karmic Blueprint of Business Success: Unveiling the Power of Beliefs, Conversations, and Relationships in Real Estate

I’ve had the privilege of talking to some top-performing teams and entrepreneurs from across the country, and I’ve learned that success in the business world often comes down to what you believe.

And something I believe firmly to today is that, “Money is always in karmic balance.”

Let’s break it down.

Our beliefs are like the GPS for our thoughts, which, in turn, dictate our actions.

In my book, “‘What If You Could?’ The Mindset and Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose,” I delve into the impact of our beliefs on our business careers.

One belief that’s truly been a game-changer for me is that “All conversion happens in conversation.”

If you’ve followed me, you’ve probably heard me talk about this a lot.

It’s all about the power of those conversations that drive revenue.

And revenue, my friends, is the lifeblood of our businesses.

It keeps the cash flow flowing.

Now, let’s talk about relationships.

As I’ve interviewed top-performing teams and agents, one thing becomes crystal clear: they cherish relationships.

It’s in these relationships that they put their beliefs into action.

They truly believe in the value of these connections, and that’s why they practice what they preach.

For instance, I’ve come across top producers who are more than happy to sit down with potential clients, even if they’re not planning to buy for months, or even years.


Because they believe that by having these conversations and providing the right information, they’re helping people make the best decisions for themselves.

In today’s real estate landscape, it’s those relationships that drive our income.

It’s the ability to continually provide value that makes the difference.

You never know when the person you’re talking to will open the door to your next big opportunity.

But the refusal to help someone based on their timeline is something that baffles my mind…

I really believe that this action will block the flow of money based on your willingness or unwillingness to help someone.

I mean it’s super simple to refer out if you really can’t help.

One of my mentors shared something valuable with me that stuck: he regularly thinks about how he can connect people.

Being a connector, my friends, is priceless.

By introducing people to each other, you create opportunities that benefit all parties involved.

Success, they say, leaves clues.

It’s not just about the actions successful people take; it’s about what they believe.

Their beliefs drive their thoughts, and their thoughts drive their actions.

So, before we focus on the actions, let’s dig deep into those beliefs.

It’s not just about door-knocking or running daily errands.

It’s about believing that every conversation opens up new opportunities.

It’s about believing in your ability to solve problems, build relationships, and, most importantly, have more conversations.

These beliefs are the secret sauce to financial success in the real estate game.

So, my encouragement in this landscape is for us to revisit our beliefs.

It’s time to embrace the power of relationships and meaningful conversations.

Connect, create value, and watch your success soar.

Remember, in the world of real estate, money is indeed in karmic balance.

CEO at Sheridan St.

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