Stephen Colarossi


After a long and difficult journey of not knowing what he wanted to do with his life, Stephen realized the “code” to his career passion was literally right in front of his keyboard: Software/web development, which he had been doing on the side for years, was something he discovered he could actually make a career of. Soon, he began coding full time, and has now become a key part of the StudioPTBO team.

Stephen loves creating something that is dynamic for clients — “where every part meticulously interacts with another,” he says. Finishing projects and ensuring they are bug free is greatly rewarding to him.

When not coding, his hobbies include hanging out with Bruce, his black Labrador Retriever; music (mostly guitar); and hockey.

Stephen loves being in Peterborough — “there is a lot of green, a lot of parks,” he says — and working with the creative team at StudioPTBO in this collaborative place. He enjoys working on projects that enable clients to execute on their vision.

“Everything is eternal
Nothingness does not exist
No thing has ever become nothing
And nothing has never become something
What is has always been and will always be”
—John Frusciante