Rob James

Production Assistant/Video Editor

Rob — or “Electric City Rob” (EC Rob) as he’s more commonly known around town — first discovered his passion for photography/videography over the Christmas holidays in the early ’90s when Saint Nick game him a simple Kodak point-and-shoot camera that kickstarted his love affair with the art form.

EC Rob shoots and edits our content marketing videos, photographs clients and goes on client video shoots — many of which he edits. “I love gaining the experience and learning the skills to one day get ‘the shot.’ I have numerous short film ideas and certain pivotal moments within them are burned into my mind. Learning what I need to one day capture those moments exactly and how my mind envisions them is what keeps me ticking.”

He also has a great love for video games and providing colour commentary on movies. “You would hate to watch a movie with me,” he says. “I am a self declared film critic and cannot help but look up every director, producer, composer who worked on the movie I’m watching and what other work they’ve done. I was uninvited to family movie nights a long, long time ago.”

Rob is stoked about the positive vibe, innovation and collaboration happening at StudioPTBO. “I love the team we are building, our collective vision of the future, and that we are on the cutting edge of the new wave of how generations are consuming media, marketing and smart advertising.”

Why Rob thinks you should work with StudioPTBO

“We are extremely passionate about what we do and love working with clients to tell their stories. For us, it’s about making sure the client is happy, satisfied and receives content that sparks an emotion for the consumer.”

“Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?’… Do that.” –Gary Vaynerchuk