Jessie Stinson

Junior Designer

Jessie has been drawing and creating since she was young, and gets most of her inspiration from cartoons. She loves wacky colours and crazy concepts. She took Foundations in Art & Design at Durham College and when a professor told her she should get into Graphic Design, she hasn’t looked back since. She loves design as it allows her to be creative in her work and do something that she is very passionate about. “It never feels like I’m working,” she says. “Instead, it’s just about being creative and helping people build their businesses. It’s also very satisfying from going Point A to Point B in a project!” She takes great pride in creating content/art that people want to talk about. Jessie throughly enjoys working with the team here — “you won’t find this many talented people under one roof, and they make everyone feel welcome the moment they step in the door” — and in her spare time she loves playing video games as well as listening to podcasts (currently it’s about Dungeons & Dragons).

“Suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” – Jake the Dog