Jeremy Biden

When it comes to having a passion for what you do, Jeremy epitomizes it.

Video Producer / Account Manager

If you want to talk to Jeremy, you can find him on various nights throughout the week perfecting his craft to become Peterborough’s best karaoke singer.

Jeremy got his start through the evolution of the media landscape while making guest and regular appearances on TV and radio, networking with local professionals and perfecting skills that would later allow him to co-found Create Your Purpose.

When it comes to having a passion for what you do, Jeremy epitomizes it. He is a firm believer that the words “I can’t” are just a way to challenge you to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Jeremy knows what it takes to create a successful business, and he believes StudioPTBO is above and beyond the competition: “StudioPTBO has so many talented individuals that we have the ability to find a solution for every client. Add that to the passion the entire team shares for creating engaging content and that’s what sets us apart. Investing in seeing our clients reach their goals only benefits everyone involved. That’s what you get when you combine amazing content, passionate people and a deep desire to see our clients grow.”

If you want everything that a big city has to offer in a bite-sized portion, Jeremy believes there is no better place to be than Peterborough. Having a community where there are so many incredible people who want to work together creates a special foundation for success.

When Jeremy isn’t working or perfecting his karaoke skills, you can find him around town at various networking events or watching hockey.

“The 3 C’s in life to help you succeed: courage, confidence, control.”