Jairus Leeson

Operations Director
Our Operations Director Jairus Leeson is an absolute integral part of our Leadership team, keeping our processes airtight as we build and scale across North America. He keeps the team in momentum and organized on Daily Huddles, and has an infectious energy for life and learning. Learn about what inspires Big J in this spotlight…
What if you could see things differently from the masses? What if you could do things that no one else has done? What if you are unique beyond measure? 🤯
I remember the first time I asked myself these questions and my internal response wasn’t what it is now 😂. I didn’t identify anything about me that set me apart. But by regularly asking myself these questions, I started to find out there was plenty I saw differently, plenty of things no one else had done and so much about myself that made me unique.
One of the very first things I ever questioned was my name 🤔. At first I wondered why my parents would give me a name that so many people had trouble pronouncing (not that they knew that at the time). However, it wasn’t long before I started realizing that my name is what set me apart. It was something unique, tied to strong values and a dedication to do what is right.
There have been several moments in my life that have given me an enormous amount of perspective and gratitude, moments that helped enhance my character. One summer, I had a solo hiking accident that nearly cost me my life. A 35ft fall off the bluffs and onto a rock bed far below where I was hiking.
It’s moments like these that really give me a sense of perspective and gratitude for my life and those I am deeply connected with. When I look back on this, I can pinpoint the exact moment when my mindset 🧠 started to shift. I believe that both of these traits are key to unlocking a new way of seeing the everyday situations you encounter and truly begin to see 👀 things differently.
Creative expression has always been a huge part of my identity as well. Whether it was photography 📸, cinematography 🎥 or mixing music 🎵, there has always been something that has allowed me to see that I do things differently from others, that I am unique beyond measure and I can do anything I set my mind to. I have always been goal oriented and driven by my ambition to improve my craft every single day.
The opportunities I’ve had in my life to work on productions for brands like NASA, Toyota and NASCAR haven’t been because I got lucky. It’s because of my unique sense of passion, work ethic and commitment to developing my skills, habits and mindset.
Enter StudioPTBO…
When I was first hired on as a content creator 🎥 a couple years ago, I immediately identified the same values and traits I’ve held myself accountable to: a team of incredible people that are focused on personal and professional growth and that believe opportunities are endless. It’s my mission to examine the way we do things to find innovative ways to serve our clients and team at a higher level each and every day. 📈
Had I not begun to embrace what made me unique and gained perspective by learning from my experiences, then I wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity at StudioPTBO to lead teams, connect with clients and develop myself further than I ever thought capable. Identify the traits that make you special and run with it. Approach life with gratitude, perspective, creativity and a mindset that you can do anything.
Think big and dream bigger.
Somebody has to do it, so why not you? 💪
Oh, and as far as how to pronounce my name, think Paris but Jairus. 😉
—Jairus Leeson