Jacquelyn Roffey

Chief Operating Officer

“A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change a life.”

It’s my great passion offering growth and solutions to others supporting them on their journey to finding their best self. I believe that this best self relies on the connection, awareness and function of 3 main pillars- Your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, and awareness of the value you give and receive. As we go on this journey to our best self we are given opportunities to obtain skills and perspectives that solidify these 3 pillars in our lives. I’d like to share my journey so far.

I was initially called to Kinesiology where I learned about the physical self and the importance of caring for our one and only true home. I then learned how much I loved to share knowledge and became an Educator. Gathering the tools to communicate effectively has been a crucial key to my success. I took these tools back into coaching where I could dig deeper than the day to day challenges people faced and into the pillars I listed above. Focusing on these always produced success for my clients. We produced life-altering change. And this is why I found SheridanSt.

We have the privilege of working with some of the most driven entrepreneurs that I feel I can relate a lot with. The “hustle” Realtors and Business Owners grind through demonstrates their resilience and drive; but it also creates an imbalance. A burnout. I wanted to collaborate with a company that has a solution for these people who are hustling for success but also want to find balance. To not have to take it all on. To trust that our company is bringing those first conversations right to you so you can focus back on what you love. Find time again to connect with the 3 pillars. Your relationship with yourself, others, and the value you give and receive. Every day I connect with Entrepreneurs like yourself to achieve balance, growth and opportunity through our collaboration. I too also strive to practice what I preach finding balance, connection and awareness in my own life to be in the best mental space to support YOU!

When I’m not connecting with clients I spend my time with my 2 year old twins and partner exploring nature, golf, baseball, crafts and always finding ways to laugh. They are also Actors you can check them out on Murdoch Mysteries (I’m a very proud mama). I enjoy journaling, reading books that I can learn from, painting, and of course my 5 am workouts! From Fitness Shows to Ironman’s you will always find me on the hunt for a new challenge to grow from.

You can expect the following from me: I will always say it how it is. I am as committed to your growth as you are, and I will always support you at where you’re at. Never compare your process to someone else product- I truly believe that!

I look forward to collaborating with you and seeing what we can accomplish!

My Educational Background Includes: Honours Specializing in Kinesiology, Bachelors of Honours in Education, Humber College Real Estate Courses