Gabriela Durán

Marketing Lead
We are super stoked to introduce you to our Marketing Lead Gabriela Durán, who has been a key addition to our team as our agency continues to build and scale. Learn about her journey of taking chances, and what inspires her in her own words below…
When I think about my journey that has happened so far, I think of the expression “Taking Chances”.
I believe that life is about taking advantage of good opportunities and doing something incredible with what you have along the way. I am fascinated by new ideas and new challenges. Taking advantage of this mindset of taking chances gives you the option to see the possibilities in a magnificent breadth and detail of the world, and I use it to push myself further and further to be better.
I was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia. A city full of contrasts, both culturally and geographically, La Paz is located at 3,600 meters above sea level, which seems to leave people breathless. This is not only because of the oxygen, but also due to the entire landscape as La Paz is recognized as one of the seven wonderful cities of the world.
From a very young age, I have always loved the new challenges that gave me new opportunities to take with me on my journey — not to mention having incredible experiences and meeting amazing human beings along the way.
I am a person deeply rooted in family values ​​both personally and professionally, and something that has prompted me to take opportunities without fear is this phrase that my mother constantly repeats to me: “Whatever you do and wherever you go, always act with love and that will ensure success.” That has undoubtedly been my motivation to take all the possibilities that presented themself to me along the way so far.
When I was in my junior year at school, I decided to go on an exchange student international program to Texas in the United States for almost a year, and stay with a family I had never met. I did this in order to have a broader perspective on the world, and also improve my English since my native language is Spanish. It was definitely a challenge to be away from home and get out of my comfort zone, but it was a 100 percent positive experience where the people I lived with at this time also became part of my family. I have nothing but beautiful memories of that experience.
After finishing school, I decided to study Advertising in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the University of Palermo. What attracted me to study in Buenos Aires is that it is one of the main metropolises in Latin America where culture, music, diversity of characters, advertising and fashion flourish. I lived there for approximately five years, which was an enriching experience that helped me define one of my current passions: Digital Marketing.
As a specialist in digital marketing, I had the opportunity to collaborate with companies from different countries, cultures and Industries. I worked in media agencies such as Zenith Media and Roisense in Bolivia, where I specialized in media buying and worked with brands such as VIVA – Nuevatel (telecommunication company in Bolivia), Nestle Bolivia, Banco Mercantil, a pharmaceutical company and Coca-Cola.
Another experience that came out of the commercial companies category was participating in a political campaign in Santo Domingo where I learned a lot personally and professionally. I had the opportunity to work for the team of a female candidate who is the current mayor of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and where the woman empowerment reigned. Later, I started working as a digital marketing consultant for a university in Bolivia called Unifranz and also on the client side within the marketing team as an analyst of digital paid media at Banco de Crédito de Bolivia.
The digital world has taken me through many paths that have given me the opportunity to expand my passion for digital marketing. In order to continue growing within this huge ecosystem, growth and personal development is a must — and a part of my everyday life.
The advantage of being a person who takes chances is that it gives me the opportunity to work with different teams, allowing me to build different angles and approaches to work. I consider new perspectives as a gift, as that’s where you start to open up to new opportunities and create new realities.
I think that’s what life is all about, “Taking Chances” to keep learning, keep growing and keep working to be a better version of myself every day. I firmly believe in the idea that in order to be a better professional, you have to start by being a better person and that leads you to infinite possibilities.
Which is what brought me to be part of StudioPTBO. I feel like I’m part of a great team, which shares values ​​of commitment, teamwork and passion for what each team member does and has a growth mindset.
—Gabriela Durán, Marketing Lead, StudioPTBO