Bobby Kelly

SEO and Analytics

It’s not often that you meet a polymath without a purpose. Bobby is no exception. He is the ultimate 21st century digital Renaissance Man. He is a multi-instrumental musician, a competitive soccer player, a devoted father and husband and most importantly a well rounded web technology buff. He is proficient in all areas of web marketing.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Bobby now runs his own company, His team is a certified Google Partner that focuses on the data to get the best results for clients. Their marketing skills are not restricted to the Google platform. Email marketing, Facebook and Bing are sources of growth for Bobby’s clients, and this is all powered by measurement and the resulting insights from the data.

Bobby’s purpose from college to today has been to diversify and refine his skills across the board. He began his career as a web developer and progressed into emerging marketing technologies and worked for many companies like Yellow Pages, Koodo, Telus, Bell and BC Hydro.