Surviving the Storm: My Battle with Anxiety and the Reality of Entrepreneurship

I felt like I was dying.

In October of 2023 I had the worst anxiety attack of my life. This was the first anxiety attack that I had in a while tbh.

It was just another Wednesday morning. 

In fact, I woke up and felt good. 

I had a shower, grabbed a cup of coffee and got to work. 

A few hours later I was sitting there with my girlfriend and all of a sudden went super pitch white and felt light headed.

I thought to myself… Maybe I am hungry.

That wasn’t it. 

My heart was pounding and I legit felt like I was dying.

So I did some deep breathing, but that wasn’t working.

My girlfriend was terrified, but I was trying to keep it together for her – and put a smile on my face to pretend everything was okay. But it wasn’t. 

I said to her, “I think I need to go for a walk”

That walk didn’t help.

I still felt lightheaded and dizzy.

I had to cancel all of my meetings that day and just lay in bed.

Truth be told, I was stressed.

Work sometimes stresses me out.

And I had just heard that my COO was leaving.

I think everything came crashing at me at once and I didn’t know how to internally feel or handle the stress.

Part of it has to do with the fact that I love what I do and sometimes it’s scary to feel like it could all go away.

You might be thinking, “why are you sharing this with me”?

Well because too much of entrepreneurial social media is rolexes, lambos and shiny objects.

There isn’t enough truth about the bad days.

That day in October was a bad day.

And those bad days are okay.

Not everyday is going to be great.

Sometimes things break.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they would.

Sometimes we don’t hit our revenue or profit goals.

And that day in October I had to shut everything down and focus on my mental health… 

Don’t be fooled by people online.

Some people post that they are making a lot of money online.

It’s not always true.

In fact, many aren’t.

My encouragement today is to focus on you.

Focus on your health.

Focus on your family.

Focus on your money.

Focus on your business.

I recently did a training for our private clients on how to create 10 beliefs that will shape your future for money, business, family and health. It’s a practice I recently instated into my life and I look at it everyday.

If you want the replay to that live private client training, just send me a message on Instagram with the word BELIEFS and I will get it to you.

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