Automatic Website Backups

Clients don’t often think about the expense that would be incurred should your website have a malicious attack or server corruption. We have systems in place to backup your site content monthly, as well as backup your site data daily, weekly, and monthly. We make sure your website is backed up so we can retrieve it if a failure occurs with minimal data loss. We get your site back up and running with as little disruption as possible.

Monthly rate: $59.99 + HST

Wordpress Upgrades

The internet is constantly evolving and changing, and while this brings advances in performance and stability, it also brings new threats. Wordpress as well as associated plugins and frameworks are continually releasing updates to take advantage of these new technologies and to address emerging security threats. It's important to keep your site up to date in order to provide the best experience for your current and potential clients.

It is entirely possible for you to make these Wordpress upgrades yourself, but if as a result of you doing the upgrade yourself you experience a loss of data or failure of your website (possibly due to a conflict) occurs, we cannot be held responsible and repair costs will incurred.

When *we* do a Wordpress upgrade to your site, we backup your entire site and make sure there are no issues before we re-upload your website to the internet.

We are now offering an upgrade service so you can take care of your own business and we can focus on your website upgrades. We will make all the Wordpress Upgrades on your behalf. We'll take care of your website so you can feel confident that your website is in good hands.

Monthly rate: $59.99 + HST

Combined Automatic Website Backups and Wordpress Upgrades

Together at last! We offer the two services together at a discounted rate.

Monthly Rate: Just $99.99 + HST

One-Time Wordpress Update

Cost is $215 plus HST per site. Please contact us if you want us to proceed with a one-time update.

(The only time you could be billed more is if we encounter problems of issues during upgrade but it’s unlikely. We will notify you at the time.)

One-Time Fee: $215 + HST

(Sites over 1GB in size, with large number of plugins or hosted on outdated/underpowered servers may incur extra cost)