Tell Your Story

Day in the Life: Video Storytelling

With the amount of content that is shared on a daily basis on social media, the need to not only stay relevant but also be different is a crucial component to the success of your strategy. Your audience is always looking for more, and one of the ways we provide this is by telling and documenting your story in a unique and engaging way.

Essentially, we film a day in the life of your business. This can include documenting the experiences you have had throughout the time you have been in business to interactions with clients, which will show a more personal and relatable side to your business. This effective video service we offer will generate interest in and exposure to your business by showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at how you operate, giving the audience a unique perspective into the ethos of your company.

This service cannot be done without distribution (think of your videos as “TV for the internet/mobile”), where the video will be delivered to you where you can share across the platforms of your choice. For extra cost, it can also be deployed and shared on the channels to over 50,000 social media fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We also offer podcasting services which can be listened to when your clients are in the car, on the treadmill and doing other activities that allow you to reach them when they’re trying to multi task.

You can view our videos on all of our social media channels; FacebookInstagram / Twitter, as well as on Youtube.