Social Media Services and Management

With multiple social media platforms and hundreds of millions of daily active users, there is a lot of information that is shared on a daily basis. We have the benefit of providing a number of specific elements under this service to help break through that noise.

We provide social media consulting services to help assist you with your online strategy and support you throughout the process. Our team can run (or teach you) channel-specific ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which will include media planning, buying and research, as well as reporting and analytics in order to be the most effective in the future. Content can be provided by the client but is also able to be developed by our incredibly talented team.

One of the most tedious and time-consuming (and sometimes confusing) elements to social media is managing the various platforms and all of the content that goes along with them. Our team will manage your channels and post the content to each platform, with the frequency of posts being determined by different factors such as audience, content, preference of platform, and budget. We will monitor each channel and engage with different comments, replies, and messages. As well, a weekly or monthly production schedule (editorial calendar) will also be created.