Paid Advertising

Advertising on social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business/organization—a game changer. Advertising in that space is cost effective — and ROI positive. We work with many clients on successful, tactical advertising campaigns to tell their story. We build relationships with new and prospective customers, as well as develop deeper ones with existing, long term customers.

Our team will deploy channel-specific ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Linkedin etc. that will include media planning, buying and in-depth research to ensure your business gets the most bang for your buck out of the advertising campaigns.

The goal of our social campaigns is to assist in growing your brand awareness and to drive business. This is done by targeting your specific demographic, and desired regions, with relevant content to achieve the ideal outcome. This service is based on budget and we would encourage you to set up a consultation to determine how it can best help your business and brand.

Our Process: 

Step 1: Understanding Your Target Audience

We research your target market, what their pain points are, and what matters to them. By developing carefully crafted avatars and personas, we get inside the mindset of your market to better understand and reach your customers.

Step 2: Aligning KPIs With Your Business Objectives

What does success look like to you? We tailor key performance indicators (KPIs) to focus on what matters to your business. Whether you’re looking to drive sales through custom-made ad campaigns or want to build brand awareness, we are here to help you tell your story.

Step 3: Strategy And Execution

This is where the magic happens. Based on your objectives, we develop a strategy to get you the results you desire. Our advertising team will execute that strategy, ensuring top notch assets and deliverables to help you reach your goals.

Step 4: Analysis And Reporting

Once we have worked together and launched a campaign, what’s next? We track, monitor, and measure results, analyzing the data we gather to adjust accordingly and plan the next steps.

Our ultimate goal is to make these media buys as resourceful and impactful as possible.